Troubador Bogus Business Unlimited

Released: 01/12/2021

eISBN: 9781800466944

Format: eBook

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Bogus Business Unlimited

Eggy Mess


OUCH is for ouchy hot. Russell Sprout, owner of Rotten Roots & Co, never to let a crooked deal slip by, has a perfect customer in mind for his next batch of stolen wares. One could argue that a green fashion and beauty monster, otherwise known as Vile Verruca, or Wicked Witch of All things East, needs a little help from the Universe when it comes to reversing her wrinkles, as casting spells from the deep corners of her mind didn’t seem to work anymore. Not to worry. Mr Sprout and his lumpy, flowery vegetable brother soon get the Sludge Slitherer in full glooping motion, resulting in something that looks rather terrifrying. 

SOLD once again by a load of gullible nonsense, the Bogus team set out to trial their rainbow technology. That is until stumbling upon Ink Squid and Dusty Prints, which sends them on an unexpected circling island adventure as special VIP guests, across the Sea of Halibut. As they are ushered up into Nutty Yew Forest by a bunch of sticky bob things, they eventually meet their welcome party. Why does everything go so WONG? Not another eggy mess. 

A very good read. My daughter enjoyed this book. She liked the pictures in it and the cover.

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by NetGalley review

Fun, fun fun! What an excellent read, imaginative , very creative and engaging. In a marketplace that is saturated with "children's humour" stories, this came across as something a little bit different. Clearly written by someone who is a "child at heart" this stands out from other similar books. The characters are original fresh and beautifully imagined. This book will bring out the kid in everyone who reads it!

Original review:

by NetGalley review

Lovely book, my daughter really enjoyed it!


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