Troubador Big Little Voice

Released: 28/11/2020

ISBN: 9781800460669

Format: Paperback

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Big Little Voice

Colours the Grey


‘Why me?’ Tommy would ask. After being relentlessly bullied at school for a number of years Tommy is now completely withdrawn from everyone and everything he once loved. That is, until, one night when his Big Little Voice appears to him and takes him on a journey to a reality he never could have imagined...

Together, they decide to confront his fears, rediscover his self-worth and work as a team to achieve his dreams, vowing never to let anyone darken his shine again.

They say that for every negative there is a positive, but what if the positive was within you all along?

Join Tommy on his incredible journey, see the world through his eyes and experience what he feels. Meet Big Little Voice and uncover a side to bullying as you’ve never seen before and realise your inner superhero was within you all along.

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M.G. Vaciago


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