Troubador AYA and PAPAYA Find Happiness

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789015959

eISBN: 9781789019506

Format: Paperback/eBook

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AYA and PAPAYA Find Happiness


Morning has broken and as Aya wakes up, something feels different.

As Aya begins to make sense of her feelings, she realises that she has lost her happiness, and so begins her search to find it..

Aya and her best friend, Papaya, search up high and down low. Where has her happiness gone? How can she get it back?

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Cristi's Reviews

This is a storybook for young readers who may sometimes wake up feeling unhappy. The author illustrates how a little girl finds that feeling of happiness and improves her day. I liked the pictures and the quest the little girl takes to find her happy place. We all need a little bit of that.

by Helena

Such a cute children's story. The illustrations were colorful and full of life. The story was wonderful and will recommend.

by Shelby

Meet Aya, and her doll Papaya, she wakes up one day feeling as something is different. But what is different? As her family tries to do things with her, and the day also makes sure it is a lovely day, Aya realises that she lost her happiness. No worries girl, we all have our down days. But I can imagine that, if this is her first time, it is a shock.

But I loved that instead of just sitting down/lying down and doing nothing... she pulled on her happiest clothes and went to find that happiness again. I loved the illustration accompanied that part of the text. Aya looks very determined and ready for anything. I also love seeing her doll wearing exactly the same clothes as Aya.

And yes, she searches everywhere. High, low, in the dark and in the light. Of course, she cannot find it there, and I was happy that she has such wonderful parents who immediately come to her and talk to her. Wow, she certainly had an amazing day yesterday. Dang. So much sparkling, singing, and laughter.

So yes, the blurb spoils the entire plot, and while I did think that is a shame, I still had fun reading this one as there is still enough to discover in this story. Seeing how Aya realises where her happiness is and her just starting the day again was amazing. I wish I could do it as easily as Aya. Just see your happiness and then boom, things are good again.
The ending made me smile, it wasn't a too fun thing for Aya to experience, but now she knows a bit more on how to combat those sad days.

The art was pretty adorable and cute.

All in all, I would recommend this picture book to everyone. I am sure kids will enjoy it a lot and it may help them see how to combat those sad days. They aren't alone, and there is a way to alleviate those sad days.

by Mehsi

A really cute story and message that I would definitely read to my own young girls. We all have days where we wake up not feeling our best, and the author addresses that this happens to kids too. Bright, colorful pictures and an easy to follow, yet attention grabbing story.

by Jamie

One of my boys has some trouble focusing on the positive things in his life and once one thing goes awry the whole day in his eyes has been terrible. Aya and Papaya Find Happiness is a great book for kids like him to help explain that happiness lies within you. Along with the great lesson this book offers, there are gorgeous illustrations to help kids feel engaged with this story. I recommend this book to anyone with little ones at all, but especially to kids who have struggles with anxiety or negativity.

by Cristi

A book about happiness, from a different point of view in relation to what we are used to. Aya is a little girl who suddenly misses her happiness. Despite their great efforts, neither herself nor her best friend Papaya (her doll) manage to find the girl's happiness. With the help of her parents, Aya finally regains her happiness in a very simple way: After remembering what made her happy all the previous days of her life, Aya realizes that all that time her happiness was hiding inside her... because it was asleep!So she restarts her day in order to "wake up" her positive feelings.

Although the illustrations corresponds to the text, the graphics are slightly "computerized". But this is a matter of personal taste. On the bright side, they are quite colorful.

Overall, I would highly recommend the book for its meaning and especially for the way it is presented.

by Katerina

A delightfully brightly illustrated, heart-warming story about learning to find happiness within ourselves, this book charmed my young children. They enjoyed Aya's various expressions and outfits and were drawn into her world from the first page, following her journey very inquisitively and celebrating when she solved the problem at hand.

by Ulyana

Having recently read and reviewed a couple of other childrens books with my daughter, I knew that when more books become available my daughter would enjoy reading it.

Aya and Papaya Find Happiness is a story about a young girl who is convinced she lost her happiness and goes about retracing her steps to find out where exactly she last had her happiness.
This is a sweet story with a great lesson to be learnt. The pictures are colourful and the story is easy to follow. MQ kept my four year old daughter interested.

by Teresa

Such a cute and sweet book, much needed in today's depressing times! Lovely read for children and leads to discussions about emotions and feelings, and what makes them happy and sad. Beautiful illustrations.

by Rachel

Beautiful pictures. This little one has lost her happiness and her and her best friend go to look for it. She puts on her favorite things and searches for it. She learns that her happiness is inside her and she did not lose it after all. This book is a good reminder to find happiness in yourself, not things or other people.

by Robin

I thought this was a neat little book that dealt with a topic we can all relate to. Finding happiness was the theme of the book and the author did a great job at personifying the emotion and engaging my young readers to be able to get the point and relate it to their own lives. The illustrations were great also.

by Angela

Very cute childrens book. My daughter, 3 years old, loved sitting in my lap to read this book. It is about a little girl who figures out she makes her own happiness. As we finished reading it the first time my daughter immediately asked if we could read it agian. Since it has become her favorite story to read just before nap time.

by Christy

What a delightful book! How can one not love Aya (and Papaya)? This simple and adorable book brings an important and profound life-lesson: that there's no need to go looking for happiness everywhere--it is within us.. The book sweetly describes how Aya thinks she has lost her happiness and how she discovers that she hasn't lost it but had it right inside her, all the time. We hold the key to our happiness and this book brings home that point through a child. It also shows how there is magic in routine!

Brilliant book for a child to read over and over--and for adults too!

by Vidya

Aya and Papya Find Happiness is a darling children's book written and illustrated especially for the pre-reader otherwise known as pre-school aged child. Aya is a young girl who has woken up to discover that she is unhappy and no matter where she looks, she simply can not find where her happiness has gone. After searching high and low, everywhere possible, she discovers that her happiness was inside herself all along. It's a simple story but one with a lesson that is very important to teach young ones: others cannot make or influence your emotions, only you can do that. As adults so often we teach children that other people make them happy or sad or angry or mad, then as adults we have to "unlearn" that behavior. This book helps children learn an important life lesson correctly from the beginning. Yes, of course, there are times when a child will feel sad, depressed, lonely or angry and those are legitimate feelings as well. But sometimes, kids are grumpy and books like Aya and Papaya helps them learn to self-comfort, a good tool for life.

In addition to teachable moments, I also look for good illustrations in children's books. There is no point in writing a book for kids if you are not going to illustrate it properly. I recently purchased a book that had amazing line drawings but every picture was in stark black and white. For the ages for which it was intended, that was not acceptable. Children need and want colorful, well expressed illustrations and this book is filled with them from beginning to end. As you might have guessed from the title, there is a multi-cultural theme to the book - also a wonderful reason to include it into your children's home library. Glowing stars all around for this beautifully told, wonderfully illustrated book.

by Mackey

Loved the illustrations in this book as well as the message! All children want to feel big and like they can conquer any fear, but it’s normal to run into things that frighten you. Loved the message Faz told Sammy and Aya about the garden being the creatures home and that the creatures were probably scared of them and reminded them to be kind and respectful to all they encounter. Great life lesson!

by Lauren

Cute illustrations with a cohesive story and a good message for kids. Recommended!

by Jennifer

This is a really sweet little story about a your girl called Aya and her doll Papaya. Aya wakes up one morning and is feeling different and she doesn't know why. The story in the book is her finding her happiness again. The story is lovely and it is an easy read with some lovely images.

by Donna

Aya and Papaya Find Happiness. ©2019 by MQ Media Holdings Limited. Created by MQ. Written and produced by Andy Abby, Anne Bleeker and the Qs. Illustrated by Leo Antolini.

Cute children’s picture book with a great message and wonderful illustrations. Enjoy this great book about the good-natured girl, Aya, with her doll Papaya, as she discovers where happiness really comes from. Highly recommend!

by Producervan

Super cute book! My daughters loved it. The art is great and the writing style flows and it is very easy to read and discuss with young children.

by Robin

Aya has lost her happiness and does her best to find it back. This book is perfect for kids learning about feelings. My own kids are 5 and 8 and this book led to more discussions about how to gauge your own feelings. In my work I work with students in need of support in their social skills. I read this to them as well. Our discussion centered around what to do if you lose your happiness--who to talk to, steps to take, etc. The illustrations are beautiful and engaging for lower elementary.

by Laura

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