Troubador AYA and PAPAYA Discover What Makes Everyone Special

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789018455

eISBN: 9781838599249

Format: Paperback/eBook

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AYA and PAPAYA Discover What Makes Everyone Special


Aya and Papaya are back!

The sun rises and Aya is awake. She remembers that today is a very special day so quickly jumps out of bed to put on her favourite pink boots that she always wears on special days.

Aya and her best friend, Papaya, are going to go on a plane to visit Aya’s grandparents. At the airport they see lots of different people from lots of different places from all around the world. Aya learns a very important message about what makes us all very special indeed.

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This is my third Aya book, I don’t know why i picked the third one, having disliked the first two, but I’m glad I did. The author clearly improves and raises the bar with this one. First the art looks more complete, more artistic and less easily computer done. The mix between text and illustrations and the way the pages are set are more dynamic, changing from page to page and that looks better and that’s fun to read. The message about respecting differences and that your culture, the country you’re born in, the language you speak, does not determine if you’re a good person or not. Something that clearly needs to be reminded in our modern world! Good book and good improvement from the author/illustrator!

by Etienne

I enjoyed this fun, colorful storybook. Perfect for older toddlers with a great message about appreciating differences. Told in the perspective of a little girl who's perceptive enough to notice that people look and speak differently than she does. Great read.

by Helena

This perfectly illustrated story is ideal for any little one preparing to go on a trip. The book makes a point of describing the busy and eclectic population of an airport. That's not to say the story's main message is not as important. At the heart of Aya and Papaya is the celebration of differences. It fits well within the airport location and will entertain any little one in your family.

by Han

I really liked the images in this story, they are nice, bright and clear for little ones and I liked the underlying themes to the story too. This is a perfect book for young children aged from 3 upwards to learn about appreciating the differences of other people and how everyone is unique and different in their own ways. This is the third book I have read featuring Aya and I thought it was well put together, an enjoyable story and I liked the ending too. It is 3.5 stars from me for this one rounded up to 4 stars for Goodreads and Amazon!

by Donna

A great book to introduce children to diversity and what makes us special in our own unique ways. This is my first book from the series and I will definitely be checking out the other titles. I loved little Aya and her fantastic family. As far as the message is concerned, it is difficult to find something more timely and necessary in our world.

by Tonya

Aya & Papaya books are easy to love—text and vibrant illustrations fluidly commingle with great spiritual messages. Easy for your child to relate to. Sparks inquisitiveness, fun, humor, kindness and understanding within a family context. I love all of their books thus far. Highly recommend!

by NetGalley review

This is a really special magical book. Showing why everyone is special in their own unique way. I really enjoyed this lovely little book with its beautiful illustrations.

by Elizabeth

This is a great story to show children that we are all unique in our own ways and that is what males each one of us special. I read it to the children I nanny and they definitely enjoyed the illustrations. They didn't seem to understand the underlying message as much as I would of like them to but I think they got the overall idea. They have asked for it a few more times since I first read it to them so I know they enjoyed it. I am grateful that I received an ARC from Netgalley in return for an honest review and the children are also grateful that they get to enjoy a new exciting book.

by Mary

This is an amazing book: the pictures are magnificent and very colourful, they express perfectly how Aya feels and what she sees. They stand for the notion of difference and illustrate perfectly Aya's story! Aya is a little girl about to go on a trip and she notices all kinds of diffrences between herself and other people (languages, skin colour...) and that is the perfect time for her parents to make sure she understands how important differences are and that they are exactly what makes all of us special.
A lovely book I warmly recommend!

by Marie

This is the third installment in the AYA and PAPAYA series.

Aya is excited about the prospect of going on a flight journey with her family in a bid to visit her grandparents.

Whilst on the Airport, she comes across people hailing from different parts of the world. Curiosity gets the better of her as she starts to quiz her parents about the discernable differences in their way of dressing, physical appearance, lingo, etc. Her parents listen to her flurry of questions and answer her questions. Her brother too chips in by the elucidating about the beauty of the being different and special. The illustrations were so cute. I absolutely loved the sketches of Aya. It reflected her innocence perfectly. It captured her emotions so well - Happy, Scared, Suprised, Curious. I'd love to check the other books of this series.

by Bookish Devil

Aya and her family are off to visit her grandparents. Of course she is taking her favourite doll Papaya along with her on the plane ride as they are inseparable.

When she arrives at the airport she discovers a whole host of people who are different than her. She hears different languages and observes different dress styles and behaviours. This makes her very curious and her little mind starts swirling with questions about the diversity that she sees all around her.

Her parents answer her queries with patience and love. Even her big brother Faz chips in and explains to her the wonderful aspects of each person being unique and special in their own way.... just like she is.

"From that day on, whenever Aya saw someone different, she was happy to see another person in the world who was special, just like her."

This book celebrates the differences of people and how those differences are to be cherished. The illustrations are crisp, colourful and vibrant. This is the third book in the "Aya and Papaya" series. The book's message is very relevant, positive and necessary for our world today. I definitely recommend it.

by Marilyn

This is the third instalment of the AYA and PAPAYA series.

Aya takes her doll Papaya everywhere with her, this story follows Aya taking Papaya to visit her grandparents.

At the Airport Aya sees and hears all these different types of people going about their day. Aya starts to wonder why.

This is the journey of a little girl who gets the answers to her questions, why are people different. She soon realises that everyone is unique in their own way... just like her.

Fantastic illustrations. Bright and colourful.

I will be recommending this book.

by Kelly

I have been reading the Aya and Papaya series to my grandchildren and they really like them. In this story, Aya and her family are at the airport heading to her grandparents. The airport is bustling with many different people of varying ethnicities. Aya has a lot of questions and wants everyone to be the same. She learns that it is wonderful to be different from others, that is what makes us all special.

I really liked the images in this story, they are nice, bright and clear. My grandchildren loved this story. My grandson goes to a very multicultural school so was able to identify classmates of the varying heritages. The message of being different is special and we should appreciate our own as well as other's differences. A cute story about how everyone is unique and different in their own ways. This was an enjoyable story and I liked the ending with the statement, "From that day on, whenever Aya saw someone different, she was happy to see another person in the world who was special, just like her." I know it sounds quite simplistic, but for young kids, it is a wonderful way to share this message.

by Carla

The Aya and Papaya books always have a great message. The pictures are always bright and colorful. This was another good one.

by NetGalley review

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