Troubador Archie, Wait!

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800464889

Format: Paperback

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Archie, Wait!


In this second book, Archie continues to have many adventures, and is still learning about life the hard way, as he follows his dream of becoming a regional jumping champion.  

At his agility class he meets some new dogs, including two cousins, Sophie and Sabi, and he finds out his real name. The competition for team places becomes more demanding as the weeks go on. Archie and his friends, Jenkins and Jasper, wonder if they will make it into the top team for the regional competition. Archie even has a rival for his place in the jumping class, as his new-found cousin, Sophie, is just as talented as he is. 

But the training class is not the only place where Archie makes new friends. He and Louise meet Betty and George, when out on one of their training runs; it’s an encounter that will change George’s life. On another training run there is a chance meeting of a completely different kind, which is nearly catastrophic for Archie’s ambitions. He never seems to learn. It is one mishap after another for both Archie and Louise. 

Will Archie make the grade and take part in the competitions? Will he be able to beat his old rival in the jumping class, and how good is Sophie, really? Archie gets a surprise when his birth dad, Harry, appears at the regional event. Then an unexpected challenge presents itself: can Archie rise to the occasion? 

Never fear, Archie will try his best, showing his true passion once again! Surely, he will be the new regional champion for the South West!    

Following the publication of my first book 'Archie, Jump!', my second book, 'Archie Wait!', is due out any day now. This will continue Archie's quest for stardom as a jumping champion.

I have had enjoyable days at both the Local Author event at Appledore Book Festival in September, and last weekend at a Big Doggy Day Out Fete ( at Bicton College. I am hoping to have more events lined up shortly, as libraries are beginning to open up for face to face events again. So watch this space.

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Anne Parsons

I started my working career as a teacher, and then I moved into the business world. I have worked in local government. More recently I have retired and now spend my time writing for children and undertaking voluntary work.

I have been inspired to write my books as I feel passionate about children learning to read at a young age. I am a Governor at a local primary school and regularly help children with their reading.

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