Troubador Amazed!

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781800464414

eISBN: 9781800467040

Format: Paperback/eBook

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On a very usual day, on a very usual school trip to Hampton Court Maze, there is a very unusually named girl called Victoriana Elizabeth Alice Royal. While her name is unusual, Victoriana herself always feels very boring indeed - invisible to all. She often dreams of when she can be like the History Girls on TV and make history come alive for everyone, but for now she's stuck at school. At least she can concentrate on history on this school trip and learn new facts as she wanders the maze. But little does Victoriana know that history will come alive for her today in a way it never has before...

Following the proverbial white rabbit down the rabbit hole by getting lost in the Maze with her friends, Victoriana is soon indeed lost in a history Wonderland - meeting none other than Princess Victoria, eventually to be queen of England, and under the thrall of the Dream King. But as she tumbles into adventure after adventure, learning AMAZING facts you won't find in the history books, a vague worry begins to itch at the back of her mind. She is after all keen on history, but does she really want to be stuck in the past forever?

Amazed! is one weird and wonderful piece of literature straight off The Mad Hatter's bookshelf. The description talks of following the proverbial white rabbit down the rabbit hole if, then that was the case, Victoriana must have bumped her head on the way. Either that or she might have partaken of some magic mushrooms whilst in the Maze. Whatever may be the case, what a thrill ride for anyone interested in history.
Victoriana Elizabeth Alice Royal is an extraordinary and delightful character. She has to cope with various disorders (according to her parents and shrinks), but that does not stop he inquisitive nature. If anything, it highlights her natural abilities in wanting to study and learn.
Each chapter is filled with wonderfully detailed observations and is richly atmospheric as Victoriana meets a host of different characters. The narrative structure is simple and easy on the eye. The dialogue is in keeping with modern-day and historic where applicable, which is a nice touch.
The novel Amazed! leaves the reader with a sense of enjoyment and delight. Reading the book was a pleasure. It is going to be a welcome addition to any library shelf.

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