Troubador Adventures with Raymond and Bonnie

Released: 28/01/2023

ISBN: 9781803135304

Format: Paperback

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Adventures with Raymond and Bonnie

The Deserted Cottage


Living in rural Billsborough County, a young robin called Raymond and his best friend Bonnie, a blue tit, get into all sorts of adventures. Raymond is plucky, brave and (surprisingly for a robin), well-read. What Bonnie lacks in knowledge she makes up for with common sense. Always right, she tends to be nosy and sometimes lacks concentration.

In ‘The Deserted Cottage’, we see the young pals waking with the firm intention of spending another day having fun. It’s mid-winter and they often visit nearby Fir Cottage where they can expect food and fresh water provided by nice old Mr Digweed. One snowy December day, Raymond and Bonnie meet up early and fly the short distance over to the cottage only to find it deserted and with no sign of food or water. Initially, they are just concerned about Mr Digweed’s health but, later that day, they discover that the forlorn-looking cottage has attracted the interest of two suspicious-looking strangers. Who are these intruders and what, exactly, do they want? How can two little birds help Mr Digweed and protect Fir Cottage? Where will they find help? Unfortunately, there is also a threat to the birds' habitat! It looks as though they might have to move away from the countryside that they love so much. Far from being fun, this turned out to be a very challenging day that the little feathered friends will never forget.

Ideal for ages 7-9, this charming tale illustrated by Simon Goodway will have all young readers flocking around to hear what Raymond and Bonnie get up to next!

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