Troubador The Irin Wars

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838594510

eISBN: 9781838596194

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Irin Wars

Book 1: The Sword and Fortress


JAKE IS HALF-NEPHILIM, half-witch, part cyborg and –¬ a secret weapon. He also finds the sword stained with original Irin blood… 

THE LEGEND BEGINS when a renegade band of Irin angels manifest on earth to charm and subvert the ancient clans of Eastern Anatolia. An old shaman, and his apprentice, Luta, recognise their true nature, and against great odds, mobilise the spirit world and their clan to destroy these Fallen Angels. Too late, however – their offspring, the Nephilim, are released onto the world, whilst the Irin are banished to the Void and plot their return. 

THE NEPHILIM scatter and inexorably infiltrate civilisations, becoming the AVERNI, a cult bent on dominating humanity and liberating the Irin from their incarceration. 

THE FURIA, descendants of the surviving shamans, evolve to oppose them. 

JAKE HAS A DESTINY. When his friend Jason is murdered, he is propelled into this ancient war. With the help of his friends, his witch mother, an avatar P.I.X.I.E called Eve, a resurrected Egyptian priest and a magical gypsy girl, he must take on the Averni and the Irin. He has no choice… 


A total original
Not some rip off fiction
Reads nice and easy and then BAM hits you with some outrageous concept - again and again.
It’s like an electric car- runs quiet and smooth, but the more you dig into it the more complexities and concepts you discover.
Really funny too.
Some chapters are a bit clunky, and it darts around the millennia
A far deeper novel than you would expect.
It will be widely imitated- worth reading, and then reading again( the good bits)

by Simon plaice

A really good book the first two chapters are brilliant - but what happens to the characters? Book 2? Then the story really kicks off in the modern day and then moves to before the Great War, and then ancient Egypt, building the story nicely
Half way through, it really takes off and gives an overview of Angel influence in society and how they plan to return
So original - there is nothing else like it , exciting funny, intriguing and brimming with occult theories. It's like a kids book for really clever adults , or an adults book for clever kids - students will love it -

Dystopian fantasy fiction with depth - if you go looking for it

by Andrea Wilford

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