Troubador The Irin Wars

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838594510

Format: Paperback

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The Irin Wars

Book 1: The Sword and Fortress


Jake is half Nephilim, half witch, part cyborg, and totally fearless. He also owns the Sword stained with original Irin blood… 

The story begins in the Bronze Age, when Fallen Angels (the Irin), come to Earth to help humanity. Instead, they become corrupted and twisted. Two Shamans, Ashter and his apprentice Luta, together with a strange seer called Amala, struggle to destroy these Irin, before they are all enslaved. The Irin`s offspring (the Nephilim) however, leave a legacy of conflict and destruction and are planning to bring the banished Dark Angels back from their prison.

The story gathers pace after Jason, his school friend, is murdered. Bad mistake. Jake is propelled into into an ancient war between the Averni (descended from, and who worship the Irin) and the Furia (descended from the Shamans). The Furia enhance Jake with a P.I.X.I.E called Eve, and with the help of his friends, the Witches, a mummy priest, and a magical gypsy girl (Isis), they take on Lord Calvin and his Averni acolytes, and eventually the Irin in their Fortress. They have no choice. The world is about to end…

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