Troubador The Emerald Stone

Released: 28/02/2021

ISBN: 9781800460874

eISBN: 9781800467149

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Emerald Stone

Book One of the Ancient Key Series


Everything about everything is about to change for teenage Mark Moorley. And the entire world. He doesn’t know it yet. Nor does the world. Until he goes to university...

Mark’s plans for the future could not have been further from what would become his reality. Orphaned and bullied as a child, he is alone in his university room when he finds a peculiar message inside a pair of familiar looking gloves. Battling emotions and challenged by the mystery of the message he steps into a forgotten world, ancient, and co-existing with ours, where he discovers all Earth face a perilous fate in which he will play a pivotal part. Chosen to represent the race of Modern Man against Zargon, the Beast Lord, he must rally his side of the world with the Ancient Realm to combat the impending doom using The Ancient Key, a sacred and prophetic book with more to it than meets the eye. Led on a trail of quest, mystery, love, danger and adventure, questions he had long wrestled with about his life, and indeed life itself, will be answered in ways he could not have imagined, even beyond the questions themselves.

Our world meets The Lord of the Rings, and the path will lead to finds that have been there since the genesis of time. Beyond, an answer you will find...

The Emerald Stone, the first part of The Ancient Key, is a riveting epic fantasy for readers aged 15+.

I am a fan of the lord of the rings and if you are too then you might enjoy this book! The plot is interesting...I mean there is a great war, an ancient key, etc. What else could we ask for? I wish the world building would have been more elaborated but this book is only around 300 pages (that's why it is a 3 stars for me). I found the story interesting and I will definitely read the next book!
Thank you to netgalley and the publisher for the the ARC,

by Victoria

Sharon Ihama

Finance analyst turned novel writer! Now that's different. It's not about number-crunching either. Sharon Ihama is a long time writer, poet and author of the new novel The Emerald Stone, the first part of The Ancient Key. Gathering eclectic experiences from working and engaging with youths, seeing the world through their eyes as well as involvement in varied creative writing and media projects both independently and with charities gives an idea as to her broad spectrum and the heart from which her writing is spawn. Through this imaginative medium, Sharon seeks not only to enthrall readers, but to stir hope, inspire courage, uplift the spirit and build self-esteem. After all, isn't each of our life's adventure part of a bigger story? She enjoys travelling, cooking, dancing, calligraphy (and watching Tom & Jerry). She lives in England and has experienced the thrills of city life as well as the enchantment of rural spaces.

Creativity also wears suits & glasses :)
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