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Released: 28/02/2018

ISBN: 9781788038485

Format: Paperback

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Kill or Cure


She’s on a desperate quest to protect her family. 
But will defending them save the planet or result in her doom?

Alyx Silverthorne’s broken world is falling apart. With her parents dead and her little brother Tommy infected with a zombie virus, she fears she’s about to lose everything that matters. But when her beloved sibling dies and returns to life stronger than before, their only choice is a dangerous cross-country journey to the capital for answers.

Teaming up with her deserter uncle and the best friend in love with her, they arrive at a secret military base wondering if Tommy is in fact the cure. But the affection of a strapping young soldier is cold comfort when his sinister commander takes a terrifying interest in her family.

Will Alyx survive the lies of the living or be consumed by the mouths of the dead?

Kill or Cure is the gut-wrenching first book in the Kill or Cure YA dystopian science fiction series. If you like feisty young heroines, struggles against chaos, and teenage love, then you’ll adore Pixie Britton’s action-packed adventure.

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The Evening Echo

A great start for a debut author! I've read a lot of zombie fiction, and this definitely fits in well - though in truth the zombies themselves don't earn a lot of focus. Instead, it's the family our protagonist builds for herself that's front and center - providing a real sense of heart for the story.

There were a couple of issues that could have used an editors attention - particularly in the first half, there's an overly enthusiastic use of exclamation marks in particular - but overall this was well worth the read.

by Fiona Cook

The story focuses on the relationships between Alyx and her "family" and their attempt to keep her brother Tommy safe after he seems he may have succumbed to the virus. The plot is paced well enough that I felt a sense of urgency and importance, and also made everything else really. The was a good amount of action scene, but also time to get to know the characters and their personalities. The idea was interesting and there are a few plot twists that were done really well, however towards the end it felt like it was a little bit too lucky and convenient the way in which events unfolded so that Alyx could achieve her objectives. I bet she was surprised herself. There were some pacing issues in my opinion once they get into the new camp when the romance seemed to have taken the attention from the main plot. I am hoping that there will be more bloodshed in the sequel.


Alyx is a 17 years old girl who in the beginning is trying her best to save her brother who was ill, so she and Will go to collect this supposedly healing plant outside the compound. I really liked her for her selflessness and her ability to keep her shit together when things turned sour and for most of the part did what she was told even when she wanted to rebel. The ability to keep one's mouth shut is actually, in my book, an incredibly good asset. Throughout the plot, she is trying to keep her family safe and together so when they end up in a worse place from where they left, she has to collect her courage and do her best to save her family. However, after she meets Colt, she seems to go into silly mode around him; I wanted to shake her a few times and point her towards Will since she was so blind towards him. Like you could see that attraction from a mile away, but she wasn't having it. Sigh.

I liked Will, he was there for her at all times, he even left his own mother behind to go with them (not that said mother was much of a mother, but still his mother, capisce?). I could see that he had strong feelings for her and he was willing to walk with her to the end of the world to keep her happy and safe, but that did not make him a loser. He was also dead funny and wicked, and I liked him a lot. On the other hand, Colt, besides the fact that he was strong and handsome I do not know more about him and because he kinda forced himself into the story, I did not really like him. Yes, he proves himself to her, but I was just not with him (maybe because I really don't like love triangles). Team Will!

The villain aka The General wasn't that terrifying to me and did not care much about him. I would've liked his character to be explored a little bit more. We only meet him on a handful of occasions so his motivations for being an assholes felt a little bit meh. I am hoping that in the next instalment we will find out more about what makes him really tick.


The writing was in tune with the tone of the book, it was easy to read because the story flowed nicely. There were a few cliches here and there (Eg.: hot girl is hot but doesn't know she's hot until she wears tight clothes to show curves she didn't know she had...), but overall it was a good reading experience.


I really enjoyed this book. I think I read it 2-3 days and I do recommend it especially if you want something dystopian to read quickly, but also with some romance.

by Jane Kelsey

This book was so fun to read! A great debut for Pixie Britton! While zombies are definitely a thing in this, the family aspect is much more the real focus. I love the way the author writes, especially the way she describes the characters, their emotions, and the world around them. I found this to be an easy to follow book. Everything had a nice flow to it, so nothing felt too rushed or too slow unless it was necessary. I found myself actually caring about the characters and what was going on. I didn't feel bored at all when reading this. Books like this is usually a tough sell as I'm very picky with anything otherworldly, but the way the author constructed her book into focusing more on relationships actually made me enjoy this much more than I thought I would. I would definitely recommend getting this. I'd give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

by Aly Ramirez

Pixie Britton has done a brilliant job with her debut novel! Dystopian world, zombies and family all come together to create an out of this world story. I could feel the family love through the pages. Highly recommended.

by Samantha Lynn (via NetGalley)

This it isn't your stereotypical run of the mill, zombie apocalypse novel, Pixie Britton takes the zombie genre and gives it her own thrilling unique twist. The story focuses on the relationships between Alyx and her family and starts long after the “infection” has spread. The main group of characters have already survived in the apocalypse for years on a peaceful settlement, safe from the dangers from the outside world only to realise that they were never truly safe. The book isn’t only about survival but also how to keep yourself and your family together in the disastrous consequences of the apocalypse.

This novel takes an already done genre and carves its own unique mark through the zombie apocalypse genre. It’s captivating without being cliché and stays unpredictable. While zombies are definitely an issue in this, the family aspect is the real focus which I think is a refreshing take on the genre. The book pulls you into a new world and once you are there it’s hard to leave. The plot is paced wonderfully as I felt a sense of urgency and importance without losing any details or characterisation. There is a good amount of action and drama, but also time to get to know the characters and their personalities.

by Lauren Brabrook (via NetGalley)

When I read the blurb of this book I instantly knew that I had to get my hands on it and boy, was I right.

Reading this story made me realize how much I love dystopian YA novels and how much I have missed them in the last few months. It was a bit like 'the Last of us' meets 'the 5th wave' meets 'the Maze Runner' but yet so different.

I loved the writing style and the bold characters and especially the relationship between Will, Joe, Tommy and Alyx. They were so easy to fall in love with and fear for ... there are many unanswered questions that remain at the end but that makes me want to read Volume 2 all the more. Can't wait to see how this exciting adventure continues :)

by Sabrina Kleber (via NetGalley)

I love when I pick up a book and can get sucked in from the very first chapter. This is when I realize that I will finish it quickly because all I want to do is keep reading until the end. This is what this book had done for me and I loved it!

There was a lot of action and it started immediately so it was easy to get sucked in. There were zombies but the whole book is more character driven so the zombies are kind of secondary. Don't get me wrong, you do get your fair share of zombie slaying but the plot of the book is different and not just about the walking dead.

I enjoyed all of the characters. I felt that they meshed very well together. Alyx, Will and Tommy started off as young kids but have to grow up really quickly by the end of the book. The author had written them so well that you can see the subtle changes throughout. I really felt like I got to know our female heroine and enjoyed seeing the whole story through her eyes.

I cannot wait to see where this story is going to go and I would love to get a history of Winter in the next book. There is also a little love triangle going on (which I adore BTW) and I cannot wait to see how that pans out. I think that I know which way Alyx's heart is leading her but I feel that she has a strong bond to her other love interest which may hold her back from showing her true feelings.

That ending shattered my heart! It was a bit of a tear jerker and I was left sobbing! The writer did a great job at pulling my heart strings. Of course it is going to be a now the wait for the second book!

by Heather Youse (via Netgalley)

Best book I've read so far this year. First of all, it isn't your typical run of the mill, zombie apocalypse novel. The book starts with the leading characters already years into the apocalypse living a peaceful life in a guarded community, safe from the dangers outside. Only to realize rather quickly they were never truly safe. Alyx discovers her younger brother scratched by a zombie and the family assumes the worst. Alyx little brother, Tommy, doesn't appear to be like anyone else alive. To his family amazement Tommy doesn't turn and so starts a heart pounding page turning adventure full of action, tears, blood, guts and most of all family love. Written very well and with detailed descriptions that it almost feels like you're there with the characters. A splendid read overall and totally worth the money. Can't wait for the next books in the series!

by Marvelia Saldana (via NetGalley)

I’ve read lots of zombie stories over the years. I’ve read lots of stories with a dystopian setting. When a book like this pops up for review I am always looking for something different that will set it apart from others.

Kill Or Cure is a different and exciting take on the genre. There’s not a generic zombie survival character in sight. We are dealing with real people with emotions and the sense of loss and danger is tangible throughout the entire book.

Alyx is the hero of the book who sets out to find a cure for her infected Brother. She’s a great lead character and her bravery and the difficult decisions she has to make were the highlight for me. Alyx is believable and well drawn and the author makes it easy to see the world from her point of view.

Theres also some really emotional sections to this story and its definitely a book i’d recommend to someone looking for something different new in this genre.

Check it out now on Amazon.

by Gallifreyan Buccaneer

I really enjoyed reading this book. It has everything you could want in a zombie story - action, danger, a hint of romance, and the love of a family trying to survive in a world gone wrong. Alyx and Will play off each other well and help keep the story interesting during lulls in the action. There are times when your heart is in your throat, just hoping things will turn out right. A great young adult dystopian story.

by The Faerie Review

The world has fallen to the infected. People survive by staying in towns and avoiding the infected. But Ally Silverthorne’s brother, Tommy, has come down with the flu. There are no conventional medicines so Ally finds herself and her best friend Will in the forest looking for yarrow flowers to help.

There are some in the town that are worried that Tommy will turn into the infected and want to do him harm. It becomes a race for Ally and Will to help cure Tommy before something worse happens to her family.

This was a good take on zombies, but I have to admit that I wished there were more in the story. Things in the compound suck and Ally is a strong minded person. She does manage to keep silent with all the demands that are expected of her but there is a breaking point.

This is a great start to a new series. The only thing that I have a problem with is the whole love triangle. These are not my favorite things in stories and this one felt especially forced to try to add more drama. This is still a great read and I am excited to see what is going to happen in the next book.

I received a complimentary copy of both of these books. I voluntarily chose to read and post honest reviews.

by J Bronder Book Reviews

Pixie Britton

Pixie Britton is a full time indie author, podcaster and public speaker. When she's not writing her debut YA series, she's working with local schools running creative writing workshops and advocating child literacy.

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