Troubador Beyond

Released: 28/06/2021

ISBN: 9781800463646

Format: Paperback

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There are people that have a death wish – wishing for your death. It’s not for you to ask why.  

Zaera seems like an ordinary girl. She’s come to stay at the Nonesuch orphanage after falling out of the sky from the back of a mythical flying creature. She only eats bugs and nettles and she burrows under the house rather than sleep in the bedroom she’s been given. But apart from these worrying details the orphans want to believe that she’s perfectly normal. 

Until strange and terrifying things start to happen, leading them to question how normal Zaera actually is. They soon discover she is a princess from another time. With a lot of dangerous people coming after her. And by taking Zaera in, her enemies have become theirs.  

There’s no choice - with their world being destroyed by unknown forces they have to collaborate with the despised City kids, becoming entangled in an adventure that’s exciting, scary but that may also be deadly.  

The BEYOND saga begins...

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