Troubador Ancell's Final Battle

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781788038515

eISBN: 9781789011234

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Ancell's Final Battle


From the author of one of Troubador’s best sellers, Ancell’s Quest, comes another gripping seafaring adventure of Ancell, the timidly-heroic hedgehog, his motley animal crew, and of course a dastardly pirate…


Ancell and the intrepid crew of “Misty Dawn” sail for South America in search of the children held captive by the brutal pirate, Laughing Jack. But secure in his lair deep in the Amazon rainforest, Laughing Jack is gloating over his plans to put an end to his foes.


The anaconda, the albatross, the dolphins, the whales and even the tiny storm petrel join the sailors in a battle that rages from the depths of the jungle to the high seas. But when “Misty Dawn” is becalmed and Laughing Jack triumphantly has her at his mercy, only the killer whales can save the sailors – however, killer whales are notoriously unpredictable, and their help is far from certain. What is not in doubt is that only one ship will survive the day...


Ancell’s Final Battle is an adventure story with a lovable cast of determined, but often comical animal sailors whose banter never ceases, however dire their circumstances. Both exciting and heart-warming, it explores the themes of friendship and courage and will be enjoyed by children aged 9-14.

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An exciting adventure that children will love! We really enjoyed reading this together with our eldest daughter. Not only was it an exciting adventure, but she learned about a few new animals along the way too!

by BG

Children will love, sometimes fear for and sometimes laugh at this crew of animal sailors as they narrowly escape one desperate situation after another to rescue the children captured by pirates. Partly set in South America, they will also feel for Inti, the resourceful Indian girl determined to find her brother, as they will for the orphans searching for a home, and delight in the storys unexpected ending.

by Beth Williams

A first rate story for children who like tales about distant lands. Lots of interesting details about the Amazon rainforest and ocean voyages in the days of sail. Whether human or animal the characters are so lifelike it seems entirely natural that the animals should battle with pirates and that children should ride dolphins in a game of tag. My son now wants to be a sailor!

by Sal

A very enjoyable adventure story. I particularly liked the theme of the animals drawing strength from their treasured memories of a loved one to defy the pirates. A feel good upbeat read.

by Ben

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