Troubador Amare: Bloodlines

Released: 22/03/2019

eISBN: 9781838598891

Format: eBook

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Amare: Bloodlines


A sequel to Amare: Bloodstreams.

Another innocent has been murdered in cold blood. A friend who Amias swore to protect has been cut down by the same man who killed his brother, and it’s only a matter of time before more victims are slain. As Kaden continues his bloody crusade to wipe out all who refuse to join him, Amias must fight against every instinct that screams inside of him for revenge.  

At a time in which he’s never felt more alone, Amias is asked to become the leader his people need him to be. His superhuman abilities have given him strength he never believed he could control, but deep inside he knows the terrible truth, that even he is no match for Kaden.  

Amias stands on the brink of a war he never wanted to be a part of, now a symbol of hope that he never wanted to be. Kaden has taken everything from him, and now as he amasses more followers to his deadly army, Amias and the altéré must rise and fight, or be destroyed forever.

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