Troubador The Mersey Estuary: A Travel Guide

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838591908

eISBN: 9781838595685

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Mersey Estuary: A Travel Guide


Stretching for around thirty miles to the coast, the Mersey Estuary is perhaps best known for Liverpool’s spectacular waterfront and the Mersey Ferry. But there are many other hidden gems along its shores, including waterside parks, sandy beaches and poignant reminders of the days of steamships and sail.

The Mersey Estuary: A Travel Guide provides suggestions for places to visit along the estuary, from its upper reaches in Warrington to where it meets the sea at New Brighton and the Sefton Coast. Along the way, the book calls in at Widnes, Runcorn, Ellesmere Port, Port Sunlight, Birkenhead, Liverpool and Formby Point, and includes an interesting mix of walks and cycling routes, ranging from a couple of hours to a full day out. Readers will also discover some less well-known sights, including lighthouses, a castle, medieval buildings, and a transporter bridge, one of only eight left in the world.

For those interested in the history, environment and wildlife of the estuary, there is also an introduction to its nature reserves, geology, canals and bird life. Other topics include the development of the Port of Liverpool, including its famous Liver Birds, and how the estuary has been cleaned up in recent decades so that even salmon have returned. There are also tips on birdwatching and photography and on where to see seals and the Mersey’s little-known tidal bore.

With stunning colour photographs, The Mersey Estuary: A Travel Guide is a must-read for travellers to the area and local residents alike.

Note: some images have been removed compared to the printed version.

Important: for the latest health advice and travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, please refer to the website of your national health authority. In the UK, that is the National Health Service (

Important: for the latest health advice and travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, please refer to the website of your national health authority. In the UK, that is the National Health Service (

Informative and interesting guide to the Mersey estuary with cycling and walking routes to occupy yourself with historical and natural history notes as well to get the full picture of the Mersey.

by Stephen

A decent guide to the whole area alongside the Mersey estuary, which managed to bring back fond memories of Liverpool city centre, "Another Place" and more for me. It's very nice pictorially, reminding anyone of the diverse pleasures to be had in the area (although to my disappointment it didn't detour round to Meols and a certain famous phone box). I did think it a little woolly, however, in the text – the general information bit promised us too often we'd see something in the future, and was a little namby-pamby, the text can be quite repetitive at times, and the cycling trip guides aren't nearly as comfortingly detailed as I'd have expected. You'd have to really gen up on maps before striking off, even if mostly they're straight waterside routes – either that or I'm just some southern softie who wouldn't know a real lobscouse when it hit him.

We then get further, more competent and discursive looks at the geology and tides of the whole estuary, and how tide prediction as a science was partly born in the area – and how to do it today; the history of the area as a maritime hotbed; and the wildlife of both the waterways and skies thereabouts. In the finish I can see this as having a strong market in the area, and not just those in Liverpool or on the Wirral itself, as it covers much inland ground too, and I would think it some good interest to those wishing to stay in and learn about the region. I wish it success.

by John

The Mersey Estuary is a travel guide to the area by Kevin Sene. Released 28th April 2020 by Matador, it's 256 pages and available in ebook format (other editions available in other formats). It's worth noting that the ebook format has a handy interactive table of contents as well as interactive links. I've really become enamored of ebooks with interactive formats lately.

This is a good general guide to the area with a richly varied collection of associated activities both solitary and family/social oriented. The introduction (with a good traveller's safety segment) is followed by particular places to visit arranged by geographic area (Lower estuary - Liverpool, Wirral - Cheshire, and upper estuary), with more attractions arranged thematically (rivers & tides, maritime, and wildlife). Many of the sites listed in the book conveniently include active links for further reading. The pictures (most of which are credited to the author himself) are clear and illustrative. (Note: the book should be viewed full screen for the photos to display correctly).

The author also includes a short bibliography and reading list for further information.

I would definitely recommend this guide to anyone contemplating a trip to the area as well as people (like me) who aren't travelling at all in the midst of the pandemic and just needed to "leave home" without leaving home, as it were.

Five stars. Very well written, down to earth, and up to date.

by Annie

Kevin Sene

Kevin Sene is a scientist, writer and photographer with a love of mountains, estuaries and the coast who enjoys getting off the beaten track.

He lived close to the Mersey Estuary for many years and would often go cycling or jogging along its shores, discovering many lesser known sights along the way.

As a firm believer that it's possible to have great adventures close to home, he decided to write a guidebook, and The Mersey Estuary: A Travel Guide was the result.

He has also written technical books on his main specialist area - water and climate - and posts articles on history, estuaries, wildlife and the weather at, along with tips on writing and photography.

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