Troubador Off the Beach in the Caribbean

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800461413

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Off the Beach in the Caribbean

Travels in the Little Leeward Islands


Colourful and various – characterised by rich histories, a treasure-trove of fascinating places, and most especially by an array of unique, compelling personalities – the Caribbean islands are decidedly more than their beaches and resorts. 

Focused upon some of the region’s tiniest islands, this work offers the reader unique access to the stunning beauty, the bustling diversity, the compelling cultural life, of each of these frequently (and unfairly) overlooked places. From the cloud forests of Saba to the desolate ruins of St. Eustatius’ Lower Town, from Nevis’ sly monkeys to Montserrat’s goatskin bands, to Anguilla’s gleaming salt ponds, Off the Beach tells a tale of past and present: of slavers and slave resistance, of volcanic blasts, stalwart revolutionaries, and of tourism’s inescapable effects. Informed by the author’s many years of travel to the region, Off the Beach will also introduce the reader to a cadre of artists, and authors, scholars, entrepreneurs, and pioneers who call these islands home. Ideal for any travel enthusiast or history buff looking for a compelling read about culture and history in the place they intend to travel to.

I have a new destination to add to my bucket list after reading this lovely book about the Leeward islands. Written from a travellers point of view not a tourist one, The history and myths of the individual islands that make up the Leeward islands is so well described. The discovery of the flora & fauna, geography, people, culture and food has given this book a real insight to current life on the Islands. Loved this travel book which has left me wanting to explore Monserrat with my camera and create my own experience.

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This book was good as it not only told of Caribbean vacations but also added lots of historic facts of some more obscure islands. Most other books have a fictional plot based in the Caribbean where this was non fiction.. I especially loved the authors visit to Anguilla, having been there myself multiple times.

by NetGalley review

I've only been to one island in the Caribbean, Beautiful place, long, fascinating history and culture, but won't return.Still, I love reading about the various histories of the island and their settlement both before and after Europeans arrived, and, of course, Africans. Each island is so unique in it's own way, even if similar. I enjoyed reading this and experiencing it vicariously. Good read for anyone planning on visiting the Caribbean with time to explore. Armchair travelers will enjoy it was well. These are the lesser known islands and Montserrat may be a bit iffy (live volcano is more than enough for me to stay away!) But four additional islands included Nevis- go for the annoying monkeys!! St. Kitts offers even more of them, but that island isn't in this book. Had I known, maybe I would have gone here instead! Anguilla has plenty to offer the adventurous and well-heeled with forts and clubs and resorts, there are also undeveloped places to discover. The islands in this book may not be a renowned as their touristy more northern islands (Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, Bahamas...) but any of these islands would be a wonderful vacation spot (go to the resort for the beach, but, for goodness sake,! get out and explore the islands! So much to see and learn.

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This is an amazing piece of travel writing by Raymond Saraceni. I really felt that I was there enjoying myself as he discovered the small islands of the Caribbean. The book covers areas and islands including Saba, ST Eustatius, Nevis, Anguilla and lastly Montserrat. Describing the journey, the life, the environment and where he stayed and visited. Including lost of detail about the history of each region. I learnt alot while reading and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. A credit to the author and thank you for writing this book.

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Off the Beach in the Caribbean is an in depth look at the author’s travels across several islands and locations in the Caribbean. The book focuses on Saraceni’s travels while illustrating the history of the islands. I enjoyed reading Off the Beach, but it was not quite what I was expecting. If you’re expecting more of a travel guide, this one might not be what you’re looking for! However, if you’re looking for a cross between history, travel and memoir, you’ll enjoy reading this take on the Caribbean!

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Raymond Saraceni

Raymond A. Saraceni is a professor, dramatist, and performer who lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has travelled extensively in the Caribbean over a period of many years. He holds a Ph.D. in drama from Tufts University and his work has also been published in several scholarly journals. Current research projects include an exploration of meta-theatrical performance on the early nineteenth-century Philadelphia stage, as well as a consideration of the playwrights of the Leeward Islands. He is the author of a number of original plays and adaptations, including and . He is a company member of Iron Age Theatre in Philadelphia and teaches in the Center for Liberal Education at Villanova University.

Raymond A Saraceni
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