Troubador Fair Stood the Wind for France

Released: 28/08/2022

ISBN: 9781803131559

Format: Paperback

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Fair Stood the Wind for France


The young Dominic de Bonhomie departed from university with neither a degree nor prospect. Asking himself what it meant for one to say they had truly lived richly, he formed a very different idea of what the good life might be and, glimpsing it was drawn to wonder about a less trodden path.

Owing to his maternal blood and a desire to speak her first tongue, he chose France for his new stomping ground. This journey on foot is the first portion of his own French saga. It is a charmed tale of vim exploration through the haunts of Normandy and Brittany, encountering the unexpected and the delightful. From pastoral nights under the stars to the cosy sanctuary of a monastery, he weaves his prose as if a tapestry whose threads are the impressions, the descriptions, the portraits of characters and the fables of history. It is a youthful dream, but to him a memoir to hold dear and a realised reality, which is just the beginning.

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