Troubador Mingming & the Tonic of Wildness

Released: 01/09/2012

ISBN: 9780955803536

eISBN: 9780955803543

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Mingming & the Tonic of Wildness


In his third book singlehanded sailor Roger D. Taylor ventures to even more remote seas aboard his tiny junk-rigged yacht Mingming. The first voyage, across the North Atlantic to Baffin Island, is curtailed when Taylor is injured in a storm in the Davis Strait. Unwilling to sail on into the ice with a broken rib, he turns round and re-crosses the Atlantic to Plymouth, completing a non-stop voyage of over 4000 miles. The second voyage takes the reader to Jan Mayen, Spitsbergen and on to 80°North, virtually as close as it is possible to sail to the North Pole. During these two voyages Taylor spends well over four months at sea, observing and reflecting on the sea itself, its wildlife, its attraction, and man’s uneasy relationship with it.

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