Troubador FingerTips for Pianists

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800461215

eISBN: 9781800468474

Format: Paperback/eBook

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FingerTips for Pianists


Part of the enjoyment of playing the piano is the challenge it brings. FingerTips for Pianists is the ideal companion. It provides tips and strategies to help you achieve new skills and advance your technique. It troubleshoots any tricky bits and systematically looks at ways to approach or correct them. It offers fresh insight into interpretation of the music you play and helps you prepare and polish your piece for performance.

There are tips, strategies and guidance on learning new music; and valuable advice on sight reading, memorising, health and posture. It studies the characteristics and qualities that influence you as a player and includes an interesting and welcome contribution from world class concert pianist, Stephen Hough.

Many of those who learned to the play the piano as a child are finding pleasure in returning to it as an adult. This book will refresh and stimulate their knowledge in a way that gives encouragement, confidence and a mature understanding.  

FingerTips for Pianists has something for everyone and leads players to constructive thinking that paves the way to discovery and progress. Be prepared to think ‘outside the box’.

Hembrey has written a comprehensive book on piano technique and strategies. Whether it be how to memorise a piece, improve your sight reading or decode a piano definition or marking - you will find the information in this book. Hembrey even included detailed instruction on pedal usage - something I've not ever seen or been precisely taught. What I enjoyed most was the author's positive uplifting voice - she made me want to sit down and start practising. This book was a delight to read and I am sure I'll be frequently referencing it. My only caveat is the book might be overwhelming or not of use to an absolute beginner with no musical knowledge. However, an eager beginning student might enjoy this book as a gift to inspire them and reference as their technique improves. Also, it is a book geared for an adult reader. My perspective, incidentally, is someone who learned to play as a child and then returned to the instrument as an adult; my level of playing is advanced intermediate (grade 7 RCM). There's much knowledge and inspiration to take from this book.

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This book is very useful for self-thaught pianists and those who start again after many years to refresh their knowledge. So it is a book for those who already know something about piano playing and not for complete beginners. FingerTips for Pianists include information about posture, exercises, musical symbols, how to choose new pieces to play, sight-reading, memorizing, and much more.

It was a very informative read for me, and I am sure it would benefit some pianists that would like to refresh their memory or those who don't have complete knowledge.

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