Troubador Understanding Human Nature

Released: 28/04/2021

ISBN: 9781800461680

eISBN: 9781800469068

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Understanding Human Nature

A User's Guide To Life


Understanding Human Nature brings together twenty-five years of Richard Brook’s experiences in yoga and meditation, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, dance and movement, Native American mysticism, tantra and community living. This culminates in a holistic guide to life in which readers learn how to connect with their soul, understand the nature of life purpose and the importance of doing what they love. 

Understanding Human Nature is the essential guide towards your life in which you can: understand natural energetic laws, such as Yin and Yang that are acting on your body-mind-spirit and how to be in tune with them – essential if you are going to a healthy life; understand the nature of the soul and mechanics of how you interconnect with the world around you; understand how your mind works and its connection with your body and emotions; explore relationship dynamics for what they truly are and dump the fantasies in favour of what is true and genuine; and learn to understand how healing practices such as yoga, meditation and Chinese medicine work and how they nourish your soul.  

Each chapter also details the author’s own personal journey and experiences and features exercises to enhance knowledge.

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Richard Brook

Richard has over 20yrs experience in wellness and is founder of Creative Wellness, specialising in 5 Elements Acupuncture, Dru Yoga, wellness coaching and the Body-Mind connection. He's passionate about understanding and creating what you need to have a successful life - measured from the deepest level of your own perception, not through achieving in the eyes of others.

He graduated the renowned College of Traditional Acupuncture and later developed his Creative Yoga brand into one of London's most exciting yoga projects, organising and teaching some of the capitals biggest and most unique events. These events included a strong emphasis on connection with events like singles & couples yoga which had in-built social elements - rare in the yoga world where people more often exit a class with barely a glance at those around them!

He has worked internationally, helping facilitate juice detox programmes at the world renowned Moinhos Velhos Juice retreat, contributing to it becoming rated amongst the top 10 detox retreats in the world by The Times newspaper! He also has a successful corporate branch to his business, designing and delivering wellness programmes and managing a team who attend businesses throughout London.

He emphasises the importance of life choices, occupations and relationships and how they relate to health, and believes that true achievement is balancing all elements of life, not just achieving in one area such as work, which is a common pattern.

Richard also draws on a wealth of other experience including extensive practice of 5 Rhythms Dance and other movement practices, Tai Chi, Meditation, Native American Style Dance and Ceremony, and various other forms of energy and bodywork. Richard has also previously managed an Organic Food Shop and spent time living in the Findhorn Foundation intentional community.

Richard Brook

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