Troubador The ten Golden Rules of Leadership

Released: 28/10/2017

ISBN: 9781788039147

eISBN: 9781788030892

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The ten Golden Rules of Leadership


Great leadership can make a difference to any organisation. The ten Golden Rules of Leadership is a guide to help anyone develop their capabilities in this area. The simple, but practical nature of the ‘rules’ have proven to be a great anchor and serve as a constant reminder for what individuals need to be doing to motivate, develop and inspire the people they lead. 

The ‘Golden Rules’ have been developed by Elizabeth and Martin using all the lessons they’ve learnt as leaders themselves over the last 20 years – both when they’ve got it right but more importantly, when they’ve got it wrong. 

By sharing some of their successes as well as their mistakes, Elizabeth and Martin have written The ten Golden Rules of Leadership to help the reader avoid falling into some of the same traps as they did. With practical hints and tips for how to demonstrate each ‘rule’, The ten Golden Rules of Leadership will enable anyone to enhance what they are already doing as a leader.

The ten Golden Rules of Leadership introduces a practical and memorable framework for enhancing leadership capability.

Over the last five years many people we have worked with, in both business and education, have encouraged us to put pen to paper to share the 'Golden rules', so more people have the opportunity to benefit from them.

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Elizabeth & Martin

Over the last 25 years, Martin and Elizabeth have worked in a variety of different organisations, as both operational line managers and learning and development professionals. They set up tendevelopment in 2012 and work in partnership with their clients to increase to increase overall organisational effectiveness through the development of leadership capability.

Elizabeth Fox & Martin le Comte

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