Troubador Starting at Zero

Released: 28/09/2021

ISBN: 9781800461147

Format: Paperback

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Starting at Zero

‘A Guide to Making Your Dreams Come True When Everything Else is F**ked’


Starting at Zero is a story of transformation, written by Freddie M. Bennett who finally got the wakeup call to start embracing life after watching his father die. He went from stressed, overworked, depressed, middle manager to Guinness World Record holder, running 200 miles across the Sahara Desert, Ironman, the first person to run a lockdown ultramarathon and diving with great white sharks. In 2021 he is running 200 miles across the frozen Arctic.

Freddie is not an ex-Special Forces soldier, athlete or privileged adventurer. He’s failed more times than he can count, messed up, missed targets, got into trouble and yet he’s still created the formula for anyone to find the drive and motivation to live a life without regret. He’s just an everyday person who decided to do extraordinary things. And now, you can do the same by utilising the knowledge Freddie shares in his new book Starting at Zero.

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