Troubador So, I've Got Parkinson's Disease

Released: 01/02/2013

ISBN: 9781780883755

eISBN: 9781780887371

Format: Paperback/eBook

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So, I've Got Parkinson's Disease


Terry Rummins was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 10 years ago. So, I’ve Got Parkinson’s Disease is her story and covers her diagnosis and the progression of the condition – from the first warning tremors in her right hand to her day-to-day life now. 

When Terry was first diagnosed she didn’t know what to expect, veering wildly between visualising herself in a wheelchair within a few months and not really believing that there was anything wrong with her. 

Parkinson’s is a paradoxical disorder. ‘On’ and ‘Off’ are terms used to describe the regular and debilitating changes the Parkinson’s person can experience as a result of the interaction between symptoms and medication: from feeling well to the feeling of having aged twenty years in as many minutes. Terry stresses the importance of learning which symptoms are a result of the Parkinson’s itself, which are the results of taking particular drugs and which are as a result of environmental factors such as stress and diet. 

 Terry has written this book in the hope that describing her experience will benefit others who have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and to help them understand their expectations of how the condition may affect them. This is a candid story, told with humour and contains a positive message for those recently diagnosed and those close to them. It is also for anyone interested in what happens when life presents an unpleasant surprise.

Terry Rummins' books on Parkinson's Disease, published by Troubador, including her acclaimed 'So, I've got Parkinson's Disease', have been selected for display at the 5th World Parkinson's Congress in Kyoto, Japan during the period 4-7 June 2019. The Congress is organized by the World Parkinson's Coalition, based in New York.

The following are typical responses to Terry's books:


'The personal voice of Terry Rummins brings home the obstacles of Parkinson's, but also manages to turn them into a tremendous challenge. It is written from the heart and communicates heart. It is also a positive and informative read for those whose lives come into contact with Parkinson's. Terry is writing as her Parkinson's symptoms develop - she inspires hope for us all with her fighting spirit!'
Stephen Lowe, playwright

'The best no frills book on Parkinson's I have yet to read.'
Sue whose husband has Parkinson's, Malvern, UK

'This book provides a sound introduction to Parkinson's Disease from the point of view of someone who has had the disorder for ten years.'
Professor Patricia Limousin
Consultant Neurologist, UCLH, London


'The first book was good. This is better.
The first was valuable, this is important.'
Dr Jon Stamford BSc PhD DSc
Parkinson's Movement

'My husband, who has PD was almost radiant after reading it. It gives specific details about personal experiences which he immediately recognised in himself. This is rarely conveyed in more clinical descriptions about the disease. I would highly recommend it to both sufferers, carers, or anyone wanting insight into the ways in which it affects a sufferer, so variable from day to day and hour to hour.'
Kaycee, Amazon verified purchase

A personal account in pictures

'This is an excellent guide for all those affected by
Parkinson's and their health and social care practitioners.'
Nursing Standard, UK

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What is Parkinson’s and how does it impact on the lives of those diagnosed and their Carers? This book is a very personal account addressing this question, written by a psychologist who has had Parkinson’s herself for 10 years. In an easy to read, humorous style she describes her emotions as the disease slowly progresses and the coping strategies she uses to deal with her changing world. Despite the many variations of symptoms between sufferers it is the small details given in this absorbing book, which links them. To those with no knowledge of Parkinson's, it is a real eye opener to the problems of daily living with a slow, progressive illness. However, it is in no way depressing. This is a book of encouragement, a book of “can do” not “can't do”. If you can work out the best way to adjust and adapt your way of doing things then anything is possible.

by Judy Harrison

I haven't got Parkinson's and I hope I never get it, but I wd recommend this book as an exercise in sanity which could be relevant to anyone. "Here is this major problem, how can I Live with it and still have a good life?"

by Margot Lunnon

This is a very good book, containing a mixture of anecdotes, narrative and science, deliberately interspersed with advice and practical guidance for fellow patients.
Terry is a former psychologist and that kind of scholarship and attention to detail pervades the text. It reads well, is engaging, compelling and refreshing.
Ireally enjoyed this book. My only quibble is that it is, by any standards, a short book (127 pages in a largish typeface)for the money (£7.99 but these are minor beefs.
Buy it, read it, enjoy it.

by Jon Stamford in Cure Parkinson's magazine

The best no frills book on Parkinson's I have yet to read.

by Sue from Malvern

This powerful personal testimony of living with Parkinson's Disease has been particularity useful for my partner, who has Parkinson's, and me her principle carer.

Perhaps more importantly, we have found it invaluable in educating our family,friends and colleagues about the condition. If you are living with Parkinson's or their principle carer do consider ordering multiple copies of this book and giving/selling them to everyone you makes endless face-to-face explanations largely unnecessary and thereby helps strengthen personal relationships.


by Steve Harris

My partner has Parkinson's and I am her principle carer and this is a very valuable book.

It is valuable because it saves us from repeated explanations about how Parkinson's affects her.

We bought multiple copies of this book, gave some away and sold others within our network of family, friends and colleagues

Terry writes with both candour and under-stated humour and Jack's illustrations are incredibly helpful for those who have little experience of the physical impact of Parkinson's.

My partner and I would recommend anyone living with Parkinson's to order multiple copies of this book and distribute it amongst your family,friends and colleagues; it helps them and saves you a huge amount of repetitious explanations!

by Steve

Should I read this book? Well, that depends upon whether:
a) I have Parkinson’s – Yes. For the comfort of knowing that I am not alone and for the practical suggestions outlined in this and Terry’s earlier book.

b) I do not have Parkinson’s, but I have some other illness or disability – Yes, Yes. For the philosophies described which could help me with many other conditions.

c) I know someone who has Parkinson’s – Yes, Yes, Yes! These books are probably even more beneficial than if I fall into category a). For a comprehensive understanding of the likely feelings and abilities of that person and guidance in how to interact and help.

d) I do not fall into any of the above categories – Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes! I will most likely at some stage meet someone who has Parkinson’s and the insights within these books will help both me and that person.

by Simon Hey

Terry Rummins

Terry spent much of her childhood abroad, in France, Malta and Germany.She developed an interest in psychology at the age of fifteen, after reading Freud. Working as a nursing auxilliary in several psychiatric hospitals further developed this interest and she decided to follow a career in psychology. After gaining the necessary qualifications she worked as a psychology lecturer, an educational psychologist and a counselling psychologist. For several years she was the Principal Psychologist in a London borough. Terry's mother was French and Terry has a strong connection with that country. She and her husband, Jack, now live for part of the year in France. They are active members of English and French Parkinson's groups.

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