Troubador Pieces of the Possible

Released: 01/09/2013

eISBN: 9781783069194

Format: eBook

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Pieces of the Possible


Pieces of the Possible is a self help book with a difference. It tackles life’s issues in a gentle and approachable way, and is actually a cross between a self help book and a novel. 

The reader is offered a chance to revaluate their own life throughout the book using the character of Tom. Having fallen into a coma due to an accident he caused, Tom meets Gabriel who acts as a guide and mentor to help him reassess his life and past actions. Through Gabriel, Tom refocuses on past events (some funny, some sad) which touch the reader personally on many levels. Gabriel offers advice to Tom who in turn challenges and asks questions, his voice increasingly becoming that of the reader as they start to take stock of their own life and the choices they’ve made.  

Pieces of the Possible is a book about choice – offering the reader a chance to assess the choices they’ve made to date and establish whether they want to choose a difference and commit to change. The book’s gentleness guides you, giving you the opportunity to look honestly and openly at your own life.

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