Troubador Look! I Will Help You

Released: 28/05/2022

ISBN: 9781803131245

eISBN: 9781803138879

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Look! I Will Help You

Looking at Life with New Eyes Post-Pandemic


Do you feel fed up? Not sure what to do next?

Or need some support?

Maybe you just want a fresh perspective or a new outlook on life, or maybe you need a new direction. If even one of these is you, this is the book you need.

Look! I Will Help You covers all emotions and different ways of looking at the hard aspects of life that we all face and that have seemed that much harder since living in the midst of a global pandemic. Reminding us of the beautiful things right in front of us, the book will help in everyday life and encourage you to step forward in a positive and refreshing new way. With different ideas and suggestions to try and implement in your own life, whatever your daily routine, the book also contains lists with activities to do and places to visit to bring back some joy into life.

For anyone who needs extra support or a new way to look at life, or just looking to cope until the next day, Look! I Will Help You can be read by anybody who needs a boost. Pick it up and give it a go because something inside its pages will be in there just for you.

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Sarah Gillon

Sarah Gillon, mother of three who lives in Worcester.

Has worked in Hospitals , retail industry and is a qualified Healer.

In her spare time she enjoys painting , watching films and spending time with her family.

She loves to connect with people and is always chatting to everyone she meets in her day to day life.

She hopes to help people with her book and dedicates it to all who read it.

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