Troubador Emotional Sandwiches

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788038461

eISBN: 9781789010671

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Emotional Sandwiches

Warning: All fillings contain perspectives


In a time when we are encouraged to look within and search for answers that are supposedly destined to solve our dilemmas, Sarah Ashley Neal invites readers to fearlessly explore their relationships with words and in the process naturally allow those answers to surface.

The first in a series, Emotional Sandwiches introduces readers to the concept and characters of Sarah's brand, and in a refreshing and humorous book applies a fictional twist to a non-fiction idea. Considering some of the most influential words in the English language, this book transforms them into stimulating characters that readers will relate to emotionally.

While primarily a self-help book, Emotional Sandwiches will appeal to a wide range of readers, from those looking for a new perspective on life to those simply seeking a charming and entertaining read. This interesting and inclusive concept will leave readers feeling inspired and uplifted having had the chance to reconsider their emotional friends and foes along the way.


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I picked this book as an ARC from Netgalley purely for the title. It's a fun exploration of words and gives you a new way to look at life. It's quite charming.

I think with some of it I may need a re-read. There was a lot to take in but overall I quite enjoyed it and for once I've found an original self help book.

by Kirsty White

This book has some sensible and interesting perspectives on the everyday and how we could potentially reshape our thinking. There is a lot of linguistic play, pondering and visual imagery.

The emotions in the book are not so much your emotions being affected but the individual emotions being turned into a character form, under the metaphor of being sandwich fillings. As such, it’s a relatively easy read if non-fiction is your thing. And it has a sense of character and humour.

If you feel you need to shake up your thinking and most books on the topic seen daunting, then this is the book for you.

by Krystal Gibbens (via NetGalley)

I read this book a while back and I return to it now and again in order to pick up on the little tidbits of wisdom dotted into the narrative. It's conversational, despite the subject matter, and it doesn't mess around.

Is it a book for everyone? No. I think we're so used to having things presented to us in bite-sized chunks that we sometimes intimidated by large narratives, especially ones intended to take us on an inner journey.

If someone can sit down and go with the flow, reflecting now and again on what's been said, I think this will help.

by Goodreads Review

I really enjoyed the way this novel was presented, and I appreciated the wisdom in every chapter. I believe Sarah tries to get us to look within ourselves in order to see the things we need to fix, instead of telling us directly what's wrong, which some novelists try to do!

by Amazon Review

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