Released: 28/08/2018

ISBN: 9781789013405

Format: Paperback

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Remembrance of Things Past, Learning to live with those unwelcome feelings


Do you have a secret? No? Think again...


Using simple language for the everyday reader, Buried Secrets gives descriptive accounts from real people who have been depressed with who they are, and how they’ve changed their personality for the better using psychotherapy or ‘the talking cure’. Regardless of age, unwelcome feelings from early memories can return to haunt the present and cause distress, anxiety, mild depression and feelings of revenge. Section one recounts reconstructed stories that indicate how some older people have conquered this and improved their lifestyle, while section two tells of changes made by younger people for the better.


The book states that cognitive, positive attributions are memorised and recalled - so why not negative ones? They can be negotiated with and worked through, either with or without support. One can learn that through grieving these feelings, forgiving and moving forward can enhance your life. Buried Secrets leads the way to a brighter future.


As Savi says: “Many people and especially the young, undergo emotional suffering through not being able to sort out their problems without some support. Medication relieves anxiety and stress, but does not get to the root of the problem like ‘the talking cure’.”

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