Troubador Arise from Grass to Greatness

Released: 28/11/2021

ISBN: 9781838594824

eISBN: 9781800467903

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Arise from Grass to Greatness

The Seed of Greatness Is In You. Cultivate It To Fruition: Part One


A detailed self-improvement book presented in four parts with the third and fourth awaiting publication that takes a reader step-by-step how to achieve great success, written by a celebrated authority on personal development.

While there are many self-help books that promise the world, there are very few that answer the age-long question of how to achieve great success. Arise from Grass to Greatness: Parts One and Two fill the gap by showcasing the step-by-step principles of how to move from poverty to prosperity in an organized whole. Written by one of the world’s top authorities on personal development, these parts are unique because the greatness blueprint they unveil is applicable to individuals, organizations and nations. The success formula answers all questions and it can be applied to every aspect of life encompassing career, education, family, marriage, business, finances, health, religion and relationship.

In fourteen chronological steps, the first five covered by Parts One and Two, the four parts take the reader through practical universal principles that people can use to discover their selves, make the most of their innate endowments, and achieve the greatest possible. Think of Bill Gates and the personal computer (PC); Thomas Edison and incandescent light bulb; the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, and the airplane. Remember the G8 nations and the Fortune Global 500 companies amongst others. The majority of people are unsuccessful today, not because they are unlucky, but because they never discovered this principle – or if they did, they used it rather haphazardly or in bits and pieces. Learn how to harness your success and achieve the unachievable today. The following two parts will be published soon.

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Mentor Excel Osamwenyobo

Mentor Excel Osamwenyobo is a researcher, economist, statistician, entrepreneur, consultant and motivator. He is a personal development specialist, a human transformation scientist and a motivation technologist. He is one of world's top authorities on personal development and enterprise growing, and President of IDEAS, a not-for-profit organization with a global reach whose core commitment centres on personality building, entrepreneurship advancement and improvement of quality of lives. He is also the Chairman and CEO of Creativity Excite Worldwide, a firm that specializes in the training and development of individuals and organizations.

Mentor Excel is a human development specialist, personal transformation scientist and motivation technologist. He is a guru in personality building, business development and maximization of human potentials. He is the father of Personics, a term he coined as a course of study and defined as the science of personal development and self-discovery.

A renowned international writer, author and motivational speaker, Excel inspires a large number of people every year around the globe and helps them become champions, great achievers, inventors, entrepreneurs and successful personalities. He engages in speaking to corporate and public audiences on Personal and Professional Development. His presentations and seminars on Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Selling & Marketing, and Greatness Psychology produce instant change and deliver lifelong impact.

There is nothing that gives the author more satisfaction and happiness than engaging in critical thinking, researching and putting pen to paper for the purpose of motivating people, solving human problems, adding value, and impacting lives. Accordingly, his motivational talks in seminars, conferences and other gatherings are dedicated to sparking people's brains into generating unique ideas and developing something new. In a nutshell, his inspirational sermons have ignited the minds of many individuals to conceive the unthinkable and achieve the unachievable.

Mentor Excel delights in a wide range of interests and has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Statistics, and Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He is available for conventions, corporations, public seminars and social gatherings. He is happily married and blessed with children.

Mentor Excel

Mentor Excel
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