Troubador Arise from Grass to Greatness

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838594824

Format: Paperback

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Arise from Grass to Greatness

The Seed of Greatness Is In You. Cultivate It To Fruition


While there are many self-help books that promise the world, there are very few that answer the age-long question of how to achieve great success. Arise from Grass to Greatness fills the gap by showcasing the step-by-step principles of how to move from poverty to prosperity in an organised whole. Written by one of the world’s top authorities on personal development, this book is unique because the greatness blueprint it unveils is applicable to individuals, organisations and nations. The success formula answers all questions and it can be applied to every aspect of life encompassing career, education, family, marriage, business, finances, health, religion and relationship.

In fourteen chronological steps including ‘Dreaming Big Dreams’, ‘Capitalising on your Strengths’ and ‘Putting Unique Ideas to Work’, the book takes the reader through practical universal principles that people can use to discover their selves, make the most of their innate endowments, and achieve the greatest possible. Think of Bill Gates and the personal computer (PC); Thomas Edison and incandescent light bulb; the Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur, and the airplane. Remember the G8 nations and the Fortune Global 500 companies amongst others. The majority of people are unsuccessful today, not because they are unlucky, but because they never discovered this principle – or if they did, they used it rather haphazardly or in bits and pieces. Learn how to harness your success and achieve the unachievable today. 

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