Troubador A Young Man’s Guide to Life

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Released: 21/05/2021

eISBN: 9781800469730

aISBN: 9781800466081

Format: eBook/Audio Book

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A Young Man’s Guide to Life


A Young Man’s Guide to Life is a passionate, personal book that speaks frankly about the problems young men typically face and offers an alternative mindset to help deal with such issues. As well as comprehensive and honest information regarding sex, dating, career and other things young men are eager to learn about.

From the perspective of someone who has just finished being a young man this book shares personal experience and philosophy and is never condescending, tongue-in-cheek or super-serious.

This book is suitable for all young men regardless of race, religion etc. Or may be enjoyed by those who care for young men: such as parents or girlfriends. 

In the book the author identifies what guys typically go through and lets them know that it is okay, as well as stories containing practical advice on dealing with such issues. 

There are not too many techniques or “how to” explanations to confuse the user, just a view of life for a young man sharing personal experience and philosophy in a kind tone that is never condescending.

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