Troubador The Warrior Queen

Released: 28/07/2022

ISBN: 9781803131986

Format: Paperback

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The Warrior Queen

The Tarrassian Saga


Gianna Romano is known as the African Italian American high fashion icon. She is famous for her outrageous behaviour and colourful life choices. In reality, she is a woman with no racial identity, a dysfunctional family, and the victim of a horrific rape. Her father’s words are her only reality: a woman's value is less than the value of a man. As if life is trying to prove her father right, she is taken from Earth by alien slavers and sold to the highest bidder. To add insult to the mockery, she is “saved” by a man who is the alien version of her controlling father. Mistaking her feelings for fear, she does what she knows best: run. Unfortunately, to his species, that is the worst offense.

Zaan of House Marni is what Tarrassians call “perfect.” He is the beloved son of an Elder, the only heir of the powerful House Marni, and the youngest ever Warrior to become a High Commander. He has rules, and he expects everyone to follow them. However, unlike his elitist peers, he treasures all people, and everyone has value. His species rules the Universe, yet the Tarrassians are slowly dying, soon becoming extinct.

The arrival of humans changes everything.

The Sign, an ancient mating mark, tells the world Zaan’s human belongs to him; only he already knows that, but for a very different reason. A reason he would rather keep to himself, considering her outrageous behaviour.

Together they learn there is a thin line between love and hate, courage and fear. They turn a stormy relationship into an epic love story that will eventually alter the entire world's history.

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Aria Mossi

An English literature teacher by trade and bookworm at heart, Aria Mossi lives in rural Suffolk. However, her cosmopolitan ethnic background makes her feel like a citizen of the world, including the alien worlds she is so fond of.

These days, Aria has swapped her passion for teaching with writing and busy family life.

When she’s not chasing fantastical creatures, she attends to her magical English garden.

Aria says she would be far more efficient at both if not for her beloved children and their "pick me syndrome".

The Tarrassian Saga was a long-time coming adventure and a journey of self-discovery.

Aria's characters are praise to our Humanity. A keen observer of human nature, Aria noticed that the people who survive the most traumatic events put others at the front of their minds. Her books are a reminder of our infinite resilience, our carry-on spirit and our passions.

“I grew up with my grandmothers' inspiring stories and inherited their love for reading. A real-life person has inspired every single one of my books.

Each new story brings closure and heals in a way only our imagination can.”

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