Troubador The Living Dolls – Origin

Released: 28/10/2015

ISBN: 9781784624514

eISBN: 9781784626389

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Living Dolls – Origin


A gripping sci-fi thriller about what happens when a man invents two living dolls, a brother and sister.

This book is innovative and inspirational, sensational. It will blow minds, open them to new ideas, hopes and dreams. Go Chris Go! R, UK

I really loved the book. I read a lot of books, and I will tell you that this is unique. Very well done! A, USA

A clever, industrial-thriller meets sci-fi genre creating writing that becomes an epic horror. This is a genuinely foreboding work of fiction. K, UK

Wow! The book is full of excellence. It draws you in. Certain parts made me cry. The emotions on the page are overwhelming; the sinister is sinister and the pain is painful. You can feel it coming off the pages, the book is alive. You live the lives of the characters. M, UK

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Christopher Labinjo

Author Christopher Labinjo is an academic, screenwriter, teacher, and author who scripts daring and original narratives. His Living Doll series is an adult science fiction horror story that explores the partnership between science and business in creating the world’s first mixed-species humans on an industrial scale.

For news, updates and enquiries, please visit Christopher’s website at or join him on Twitter @AuthorLabinjo

Chris Labinjo

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