Troubador Rubik's Cube

Released: 28/04/2022

ISBN: 9781803130644

eISBN: 9781803139562

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Rubik's Cube

Solve the Puzzle, save the World.


Teenager Ruben, entrusted with a time travelling cube, must save the world... it's not just a toy.

The Cube has been brought to Earth by a time-travelling, biomechanical, shape-shifting alien dude, from a badass murderous nation, from a dusty corner of the cosmos, who are hell-bent on the annihilation of all breathing life forms. This alien nation needs somewhere new to live and Earth fits their requirements almost perfectly, once they have evicted the current tenants. The powerful object becomes the centre of a jealous and deadly power struggle and is nearly destroyed in a war between royal Hungarian twin brothers circa 898A.D. in Central Europe. Remains of the damaged Cube pass down through the generations, until it falls into the hands of young, twenty-first- century, Ruben Novak.

Ruben is your average teenager about to spend his summer vacation surfing, swimming, and hanging out at the beach in L.A. with his girlfriend. His preordained destiny, written many hundreds of years ago, means the fun must stop and his gap year will have to wait.

However, part of the alien cleansing process has already begun, with a ring of detonating spore bombs dumping deadly DNA-altering nano-particles high up in the upper atmosphere. The atomic clock is ticking, and Ruben hasn't even had breakfast yet. Guided by a powerful Overlord alien being, via the Cube, he will travel through time on five dangerous adventures to collect the remnants of the device needed to restore its full functionality and solve the ultimate puzzle: how to preserve life on Earth.

At every twist and turn Ruben will be pursued by the mysterious and deadly Time-Warriors who are determined to take the Cube from him. They are a well-organised team of merciless henchmen whose actions are being directed, through time. Ruben's mission is critical; only he and the Cube will prevent the total annihilation of life on Earth

On the 28th January 2022 'Rubik's Cube-Solve the puzzle,save the world.' will be published. Available to order in all good bookshops and here, at Troubador for £9.99. The digital eBook will be available on the same day, through all usual online outlets.

This is the only officially sanctioned 'real' story of where the Cube came from! Don't believe what you read on the's not just a toy.

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Christopher Beach

Toys have always been part of my life, from the joys of Lego, to playing out my wildest fantasies through the exploits of my team of Action Man figures. One of life's pivotal moments happened on a wet Cornish Sunday in 1979. Having spent many weeks idly fiddling with a Rubik's Cube, on this special day I was suddenly aware that in my hands was a solved cube. Wow, amazing.

As I grew up my 'boys' toys' morphed into musical instruments, but that original affection for my playthings stayed with me mentally - and physically, stored in my loft. A few years later and I found myself actually making and designing them for many of the major games companies across the world. I also have managed to bring some of my own designs to market: The Rubik's Safe Cube, Dinky Inks, Fantasy Flowers, Secret Treats, The Golden Coin Maker and Thumb Warriors.

To this day I continue to work in the toy industry, inventing, designing and producing highly detailed prototype models. It is an ongoing challenge to solve design problems and find solutions to bring ideas to life.

My love of toys is as strong as ever and the challenge of writing an adventure story about the most famous puzzle in the world was one I couldn't resist.

Chris Beach Author
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