Troubador Eleanor's Progress

Released: 19/07/2017

eISBN: 9781788030120

Format: eBook

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Eleanor's Progress


Eleanor's Progress is a fantasy novel set in the future, against a backdrop of World revolution. This New Revolution has been caused by the expiry and the inability to extract any further fossil fuels from the modern world which has led to a complete overthrow of accepted world order and a regression into a mix of Medieval and Victorian times. 

Imagine a world where no technology exists. The knowledge of what has been lost has remained. Government has broken down, power has reverted to a feudal system with kings and high kings governing.  

We first meet Eleanor as a young ingenue girl of 17, who through various trials and tribulations, initially over which she has no control, develops into a strong resilient woman determined to fight perceived injustice.

It is interesting to imagine a future world that is more Game of Thrones, and less Star Trek. A world of feudal rule, and electricity, kings and consorts, telephones and ambulances. I found that the story line was enhanced by these familiarities, after I got over my instinctual attempt to place the story in a recognizable timeline. Overall, an enjoyable read.

by Heather McCulley (via Netgalley)

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