Troubador Betrayed

Released: 28/01/2019

ISBN: 9781789016529

eISBN: 9781789019056

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Quantum Twins - Adventures on Two Worlds


This is the third in Geoffrey’s exciting series that has seen the Twins ripped from Vertazia and dropped onto Earth a thousand miles apart and without their telepathic connection. Fearful they will return and spread the “Human Violence Virus,” their rulers have resorted to unacceptable levels of violence to prevent the Twins’ friends from rescuing them.

In Betrayed, readers join Qwelby as he slips into the fifth dimension to free Tullia from prison. Whilst Qwelby finds love in his second Awakening, the horror Tullia fears of hers is marked by bloody knife fights. Shooting his way out of danger, the Twins mentally reconnect, but before he can act Qwelby is kidnapped by the Professor.

On Vertazia the two key rulers plot against each other, both using sixteen-year-old Xaala who dangerously twists their plans to her own ends – to destroy one Twin and win the hearts of the other. But which one for what end?

A fraught journey aboard a flying Pirate Ship crewed by two of the Twins’ Best Friends sees Tullia join Qwelby on the Professor’s island. All should be well but Qwelby has fallen deeply in love with a human girl. Feeling bitterly betrayed, Tullia flees. As Qwelby launches himself through dimensions in pursuit, Xaala attacks him with a flaming sword, only to be hurled back by the strength of the human girl’s love for him.

To return home with the truths they have learnt on Earth and save their world, the Twins must be together. Will Tullia forgive her Twin or return to love amongst her adoptive tribe of Bushmen, leaving Qwelby with his human lover, and the Twins on Earth – forever?

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Holy cow!!! I love this book! This definitely gave me some huge sci-fi feelings! You really feel how the characters are feeling through the writing!

by Adrianna A

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