Troubador An Alien Autumn

Released: 28/10/2021

ISBN: 9781800464063

Format: Paperback

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An Alien Autumn


The year is 1888. First Commander Ashto, and Apprentice Commander, Atia, land on Earth from planet Jara. Their mission is to assess the potential of this little-known planet for possible inclusion into the Jaran Galactic Federation. 

Going undercover in Whitechapel, the two explorers pose as a married couple in order to secretly gather data about London's inhabitants and assess the impact that their intervention would have on Earth's society. However, they quickly realise that Whitechapel is in turmoil over the bloody murders and mutilations of women by the deadly and deranged killer the newspapers have nicknamed, Jack the Ripper. 

As the attraction between Ashto and Atia grows, so does their need to intervene in London. A chase around London's recently opened underground railway and confrontations with a suspicious police detective is just the beginning, for they vow to bring this vicious killer, Jack the Ripper, to justice… 

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