Troubador The Songbirds

Released: 27/03/2020

eISBN: 9781838595616

Format: eBook

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The Songbirds


“A great coming of age love story. Tender, easy-paced & redemptive.” - Goodreads.

The Songbirds celebrates true freedom. And redemption.

Kasim is an impressionable and ambitious young man, who wants to go very far in life. In doing so, he lets go of the hand of Sumera, the one woman who truly ever loved him. But, when he reaches the top, he realises that it’s all just a mirage; a golden cage. While he finds himself locked in a cage of his own making, Sumera finds herself locked in a cage made by others. Her crime is not that she is a fiery blogger. Rather, in the eyes of her enemies, her crime is that she is a woman; that too, one who cannot keep quiet. The only way Kasim can set himself free is if he helps Sumera to her freedom.

In the beginning, amidst poetry and the innocence of youth, the love story of Kasim and Sumera sprouts in the romantic settings of Bada Ghar, the mystical house of a long-gone but not forgotten poet, Bulbul Baba. But Kasim’s loss of innocence drives the lovers apart. When realisation dawns, Kasim’s yearning for Sumera returns, becoming stronger than ever, but a huge barrier now stands between them. Not only that, but time could also be running out because Sumera has earned herself too many enemies.

The Songbirds is a literary tale that goes to the heart of what’s ailing the world today and tries to find the answers to our most pressing questions.

Alif’s bio: I write to usher in change. At the same time, my novels brim with hope & have a riveting plot. The Songbirds is my latest novel. My other novel, Guns and Saffron, has received excellent reviews on NetGalley and Goodreads saying that it is addictive, fresh and enlightening.

I hope you enjoy reading my novels.

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I write because silence is not an option; my writing is hard-hitting. At the same time, my novels brim with hope in addition to having a riveting plot. My debut novel, which was published by a boutique publisher in Europe some years ago, was seen to be refreshing. I wrote my new novel 'Guns and Saffron' under a pen name only because I went through a lot of change in my life and for now prefer some anonymity. I hope you enjoy reading my new novel.

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