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Released: 28/07/2021

ISBN: 9781800463004

eISBN: 9781800465770

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The Rake


A remarkable tale of redemption and transformation, The Rake is a love story set against the backdrop of a changing world. 

It is the turn of the 19th Century and Lord Jaspar Heddington is a rich handsome rake, who womanises with impunity, indulged by the world he inhabits who turn a blind eye to his peccadilloes. However, when Jaspar seduces the beautiful, innocent Laura Ludgrove, the enusing scandal is different. 

To escape the fallout, his beloved sister, Nillie, orders him out of London and back to Bardfield, his estate in the country. On the journey, he encounters a mysterious and beautiful girl who captivates him - and then unexpectedly shoots him. Wounded and bleeding, his life is ultimately saved by young Dr Horace Sugden, a trailblazer of the new scientific world. 

Overwhelmed, Jaspar struggles to understand why he was shot. Still haunted by the strange encounter, Jaspar decides to search for the girl who invades his dreams - but will he emerge with more than he bargained for?

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I was half the way through the latest novel by one of my favourite contemporary writers, when I realised that I was not enjoying it anywhere nearly as much as a book I had recently read that my wife had recommended to me.

The Rake, by Gillian Hawser, is a quite wonderfully written novel.
I truly enjoyed being transported back to the turn of the 19th Century. Much of the story takes place amongst the “ ton “ , the high society of London aristocrats who held manners and etiquette as a central part of their life.

The depth of the author’s characters and the historical snapshots, and the very root of the story, made it relatable and enjoyable. The main character Lord Jaspar Heddington, The Rake, is a man of much standing (to use a phrase of the era!), he wants for very little, and travels from his Mayfair home to the various private members clubs and events that those bestowed with his fortune and position enjoyed at the time. He has a vast family estate in Sussex .His friends include many fellow Lords, Lady’s , Colonels and the influencers of the time. He has a history with many women , whom he leaves as quickly as he loves.

After an unwise dalliance with Laura Ludgrove a naive and beautiful “ country girl”, in London for the season with her titled godmother, we follow the repercussions that follow and how events lead to a change in not only Jaspar’s fundamental view point of love and relationships, but also on how a person of his standing could lead a more admirable life.

Such is the descriptive quality of the writing , that I found myself noting that we all know a Mrs Darcy and most of us would long for the relationship that Greville and Nilie have, Beau would have been an Instagram hit and Grizelda was a woman before her time.

I found myself effortlessly reading it in a few days and would thoroughly recommend that you do too.

Julian M. Winer August 2021

by Julian M. Winer

Thank you to NetGalley for enabling review copies of The Arranged Marriage and The Rake. Gillian Hawser is a new author for me and I’ll certainly look out for books written by her in the future. The books are in the regency romance genre and are written in a unique traditional yet modern way. They are good clean tales of romance with many twists and turns on the way. At some points, I found myself laughing out loud. Definitely excellent reads for fans of this genre.

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Terrific regency romance, with which Georgette Heyer would not be unhappy.

A must read for any fan of romance, Regency or Heyer, this book has it all in spades.

It is reminiscent of the more serious of the Heyer romances, and the reader has to suspend belief for a short while, but ultimately a gripping story with intrigue and derring do aplenty.

Try it. I doubt you'll regret it.

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by NetGalley review

I liked this story though I didn't really like the hero. He treats women badly and comes across as entitled, probably typical of his time. It is novel that we don't meet the heroine until much later in the story.
The other aspect of the book that harks back to Heyer is the inclusion of historical characters and the sheer number of people in the book. Modern novela seems to put a spotlight on perhaps 4 protaganists in a narrative, whereas this one joyfully adds the other debutantes, Jaspers friends, Grizelda's godmother, his and her sisters and other couples that get their HEA. (I think Grizelda isn't a particularily flattering name but IMO is evocative of her anger towards the hero).

I will look out for more novels by this author it's a great start as a debut novel. For those to whom such things matter it's a clean story.

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by NetGalley review

I am a sucker for a good Duke romance and this one was lovely. I highly recommend all the books by this author which I have enjoyed immensely.

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by NetGalley review

The Rake is a ridiculous romp. Lord Jasper is a rich, spoiled but importantly extremely charming rake who spends his time living large and seducing who ever takes his fancy but he goes too far when he charms and deflowers Laura Ludgrove the teenage beauty of the season. His sister tells him to leave until the furore dies down but on his journey he comes across a beautiful but deadly woman who shoots him for no apparent reason. After his brush with death Jasper is back in town and back in society only to find his femme fatale across a crowed ballroom.
This is completely ridiculous but throughly enjoyable. What I like about these books is that they don’t try to shoehorn modern values into history, they are in a weird way of their time. Jasper’s behaviour is despicable and should in no way be condoned or unpunished which makes his happy ending somewhat questionable especially as Laura’s character is denigrated later in the book to sort of make it ok. It isn’t. All of it is completely outrageous and soapy anyway that is the least of the drama. It is a lot of fun.

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