Troubador The Ghost of Hearts-Hope

Released: 06/04/2018

eISBN: 9781788034883

Format: eBook

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The Ghost of Hearts-Hope

A Ghostly Story of Love and Loss


Anna Cooke is a sensitive girl, who has strange premonitions and picks up on the emotions of others.

Contenting herself with a future as a governess or ladies companion, she is delighted to find herself being swept off her feet by a handsome widower, Lord Hope.

Her new life takes her to the wilds of Cornwall, where she becomes the mistress of Hearts-Hope, a strange and wonderful house by the sea.

Anna embraces her new life. However, she finds herself eclipsed by the shadow of the previous Lady Hope. Plagued by dark dreams, she finds her obsession with her predecessor growing by the day – can this woman jeopardise Anna’s perfect future with the man she loves utterly and completely?

currently reading through draft 2 of my next book, The Ghost of Hearts-Hope

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Marion Shepherd

After running her own business as a Professional Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming, for 11 years, Marion has always been interested in what makes people ‘tick’, their motivations, how the mind works and fuels their behaviours. She has put this knowledge to good use in her characterisation when writing. She has always been interested in reading, writing, art, psychology and history. When she had to finish work due to ill health, she saw this as an opportunity to revisit the keyboard and start writing again.

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