Troubador The Barley Break

Released: 28/05/2019

ISBN: 9781789017458

Format: Paperback

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The Barley Break


An incubus. A succubus. Two human shells. Can a love last forever if the lovers can’t die?

Jennifer Roseberry is visiting her mother, who has been admitted into hospital. With her is Sara, her twelve year old daughter. The woman in the next bed, a well known historian, is terminally ill. She talks briefly to Sara, and then before visiting time is over, she dies peacefully.

From that moment onward, Jennifer notices striking changes in her daughter. She is no longer painfully shy and awkward. Jennifer and her husband are educated, professional people; yet Sara suddenly knows things they have never heard of, far beyond the capacity of a twelve year old girl.

Sara becomes friends with a girl called Tracy, and through eavesdropping, Jennifer learns both her daughter and Tracy are, in fact, succubae. Or, at least, they are possessed by such beings. With her suspicions growing, Jennifer uses a digital voice recorder to find out more about the spirit inhabiting her daughter. Desperate to bring their daughter back, through a series of conversations she is transported back to the War of the Roses, and what she learns about the past could change everything...

The Barley Break is an enticingly gripping romance novel with a historical, paranormal twist from debut author C. A. Hope.

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