Troubador Secret Samurai Book Three:

Released: 30/04/2016

eISBN: 9781785896774

Format: eBook

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Secret Samurai Book Three:

Shifting Sands


The shifting sands of war, politics, love and ambition,
steer events into dangerous and unexpected directions

Bebe has been absent from Kai’s mind for a month and wonders if the magic has been severed. Kenji has disappeared and is arrested for murder – he has no alibi.

Nobu reappears in Bebe’s life.

Kai is imprisoned, being tortured and is dying of thirst. He cannot defend himself and longs for Yoshi… and Bebe.

Yoshi has abandoned Kai and goes to Edo and saves the life of a man of immense importance, but is afraid of the consequences of a new world that beckons… and wonders if the old man of Kyōto’s prophesy can come true.

Kenji must be honest about his past – or lose Bebe.

Bebe struggles with her duel life and a new understanding of it all.

The history of the new world shifts on sand…

'Rutherford has established herself as a writer with great insight into Japanese culture and the power to deliver unique plots and marvellous characters.’ Savvy Tokyo

Book Three of my Secret Samurai Trilogy is now published.

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Jill Rutherford

Jill Rutherford loves books. Reading them, writing them and browsing through them. Thousands of books later, Jill is writing her own.

After years of normal life in England, doing normal things, Jill surprised her friends by packing up her life and moving to Japan for a year and didn't come home for seven. Now she writes unusual books about Japan. Japanese culture wrapped around intriguing stories, adventure and mystery. If you like books that include women samurai, time-travel, interwoven stories of modern and old Japan that mingle together and bring you a closer understanding of that unique culture, Jill's books might just hit the spot for you.

Or you could try Jill's popular memoir of her seven years in Japan. She went there with little money, no visa or prospect of one, no job and only one Japanese friend and created her own successful English school, got her visas and prospered.

Jill now lives on the South Coast of England and when she's not writing books you'll find her walking her dog, eating out, drinking red wine and trying not to worry about her book ratings!

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