Troubador Path of Injustice

Released: 28/03/2019

ISBN: 9781789016741

Format: Paperback

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Path of Injustice


Set in the 18th-century kingdom of Alteria, Path of Injustice is a story of romantic love tormented by jealousy and personal suffering, which takes place against the background of a country locked in civil war.

Daintry is a young woman in love with her childhood sweetheart. When she obtains a herbal potion to cure her sick father, she unwittingly sparks off a chain of events that threaten to change her life forever. Accused of witchcraft and thrown into a ghastly prison, she is aware that her innocent act of compassion can have only one ending – death by hanging or burning.

When her sentence of death is lifted, her relief is short-lived: she is sent as a prisoner to work in the dreaded silver mines of Katangar, from where no one returns. Will she ever see her betrothed or her family again? Can she hope for a miracle to save her?

Path of Injustice is a charming historical romance set in the 18th century, against the backdrop of civil war. His most recent titles include: The Golden AnkletA Touch of Autumn Gold and Roots in Three Counties.

Praise for The Golden Anklet: ‘I find this read to be positively riveting. The writing is engaging, and the storytelling is well done.’ – My Reader Review.

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