Troubador Maple and Spice

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789013399

eISBN: 9781789011692

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Maple and Spice


Monisha Bastikar is twenty-seven years old and has just finished medical school in Vermont. She has three shining goals: to become a wife, a mother and a board-certified Physician. But time is running out, the men in her community are taken and residency at the prestigious St Anthony’s is just around the corner. 

Monisha’s over-ambitious mother Leela tells her all is not lost, for in India there 
are millions of men. Monisha opts for an arranged marriage, leaving her best friend Tina completely bewildered. Mrs Bastikar and her feisty younger sister Aunt Romila trawl through the Mumbai Matrimonials and shortlist Shailesh Kulkarni, a dashing surgeon, with glittering career prospects. On paper he appears to be the perfect match and Monisha can’t believe her luck.

But all is not what it seems and Monisha is faced with some difficult choices. Should she break with cultural traditions and find love the American way, or should she compromise and keep her family happy? 

The search for love takes Monisha on an eventful journey tinged with heartbreak and loss, from Vermont to Mumbai and back again. Eventually she abandons all hope and throws herself into her career. But will she sit back and wait for a prince to rescue her or will she find the courage to rescue herself? 

Maple and Spice is a light-hearted, tragi-comic romp through love and relationships in the twenty-first, century. It also explores the themes of cultural identity, female empowerment and self- fulfilment.

As an ardent Indophile, this book has much to commend. An interesting and bittersweet tale of an ambitious young doctor trying to balance a nascent medical career, find love and start a family, all whilst attempting to keep her extended family in two countries happy and complying with her expected cultural norms.
An enjoyable maiden novel.

by Duncan Renn

I read this book knowing virtually nothing about Indian culture. By the time I finished it I knew quite a bit more! I found it to be very informative.
But more than that, it was hillariously funny (real laughing out loud stuff) yet in places achingly sad. A rollercoaster of emotions, this story took me on quite a journey both geographically and emotionally. Several times I found myself thinking: No, you're going in the wrong direction, come back! But of course it made no difference ... us humans are all prone to errors of judgement.
Read this book and go on the same journey I did ... it's well worth it. It ends on a positive note and left me wanting more so I'm now awaiting the sequel !!! I just hope there will be one to see if my own predictions are right!

by Merrill George

A really enjoyable book. A great central character and good supporting characters. Easy and pleasurable to read, but orginal and not predictable and kept me turning the pages. A good and modern take on the "romance" genre.

by Freya M

A fun enjoyable read. Lovely central character, easy to identify with and root for when she marries a bad un! Explores the pressures and uncertainties we all face but with a welcome injection of humour. Recommended.

by Becca

A touching book with beautiful characters that the author made you feel we’re true to life, vivid and honest. The storyline captured your mind and transports you to a different country and way of life where ancient customs and rituals play a huge part in modern life. Sad and poignant at times but with some fantastic life lessons and an insight into a world of hope and high expectations. A must read from a fabulous new author.

by Gayle Goldstein (via NetGalley)

Lovely easy read, ideal book to take on holiday. The main character is very believable and likeable and her struggle with trying to get the perfect marriage, family and career is something that many women can relate to at some time in their lives. Beautifully written the writer takes you to different countries and cultures- you can picture the film already! Would love to know what happens to Monisha next.

by Hafina Sharpe

A very enjoyable book that was easy reading and kept me turning the pages. Highly recommend as a holiday read.

by Annie

One book I couldn’t put down. Totally hooked from the start. Really feel for the main character such a lot to go through. Was upset to get to the end. Can’t wait for the next one by this author hope there’s a follow on x

by Caroline

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