Troubador Cherry Blossom Boutique

Released: 20/11/2020

eISBN: 9781800467965

Format: eBook

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Cherry Blossom Boutique


Thirty-one year old Liberty Rossini has had her shop, Cherry Blossom Boutique, for just six months when she's nominated for - and wins - the Retail Best Newcomer Award. Life would be perfect for Liberty if it wasn't for one thing: Daniel. Liberty’s ex who has recently re-appeared in her life.

Theirs was a significant and serious relationship and they had planned to marry when Daniel mysteriously and suddenly dumped her one day and walked out of her life! Liberty was devastated. Strangely, Daniel still has a powerful hold over her. Is Liberty destined to be Daniel’s victim? Will Daniel’s emotional hold over her ever diminish? Some relationships are simply harder to let go of than others but unless Liberty lets go, she can’t really move on with her life.

When a new man comes into her life, there's a definite spark between them. He's Tom Anderson, a good-looking silversmith in his late thirties. Will Liberty be able to resist being thrown off course by Daniel? Can she put him behind her sufficiently to make the relationship with Tom work? Can she find the inner strength to say enough is enough? Will she ever give herself permission to move on and make a fresh start and fall in love with her new beau?

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Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams obtained a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages and Literatures from the University of Westminster, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Postmodernity, Representation and Culture. After her studies, Brooke spent some time travelling, then worked as an antiquarian bookseller before returning to London and training as a kindergarten teacher.

On discovering that her passion lay with writing, she worked on a part-time basis as a school librarian and foreign languages tutor so that she could dedicate her time to writing.

More recently, Brooke obtained an MA in Creative Writing and now divides her time between writing romance novellas, a weekly newspaper column and podcast. Brooke lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and daughter. Her hobbies include Yoga and Pilates, Botanical Illustration and Astrology.

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