Troubador Capturing Emilia

Released: 10/07/2020

eISBN: 9781838596217

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Capturing Emilia


Emilia, 29, has left the suburbs and a dead-end job to make a fresh start in London. Recently qualified as an archivist, she is getting over her past relationships and freeing her mind from her obsession with New Age thinking. She soon finds the perfect job in a heritage library in Mayfair where she unexpectedly meets Charles. Emilia is initially repelled by him given their opposite personalities, while he falls for her from the very beginning. 

Charles, 38, is a Mayfair-based lettings agent to the rich and famous, not quite the kind of boyfriend Emilia had in mind. He is charming, worldly, adept, and wealthy and likes to enjoy the finer things in life. Charles realises that he has truly found a real love but will he be tempted to return to his old ways?

This love story unravels within the urbane and sophisticated setting of London’s Mayfair. Will Emilia have the courage to let herself fall? Even though she’s convinced that this isn’t the way it was meant to be.

Capturing Emilia is a sweet and very easy to read romance. It's the type of book you pick if you want to not think and just escape the world.

by Kelly M Media

I was searching to read a good romance book and Capturing Emilia really hit the shot. With adorable characters and a swoon-worthy story, I fell in love with this one. I can't wait to read another book by Brooke Adams.

by (Angela B, Librarian)

Loved this amazing romance set in London. Very fun.

by Amanda D

A lovely story, enjoyed leaving my world, entering theirs. Wonderful characters A romance a perfect story to sink into.

by Abby. S

This was a sweet romance which had very engaging albeit somewhat old fashioned characters. The writing style was very appealing. This was a short sweet read that made you feel good. I love books set in London as it is one of my most favorite places in the work. As a bookish teen, who spent summers in London with my extended family, I enjoyed the protagonist who seemed to be somewhat of a late bloomer. I will definitely check out other stories by this author. Reminded me of Jenny Colgan books which is a huge compliment!

by NetGalley review

I enjoyed this women’s chick lit novel about an archivist who’s trying to pretty much find herself and get over a relationship. Not looking for one. But what’s typical for this genre ends up happening. It was an enjoyable read that I found myself loving more than I thought I would. As I tend to not like women’s fiction that much. So maybe there are women’s fiction author’s out there for me.

by Carissa M

I really enjoyed this novella, it was very romantic and well written, I found the characters relatable, and I loved the descriptions of Devon and the bustle of London's Mayfair. I'd recommend it as a quick, easy read for lovers of romance and a happy ending (like me!).

by G Laycock

Such a fun and enjoyable romance! I especially enjoyed learning about Emilia's job as an archivist, which was fascinating.

by NetGalley review

True Romance - Characters with hidden depths, sensuous descriptions and a pursuit and surrender to true feelings lead to a happy ever after tale of true romance.

by Jessica C-H

An overall okay novel, easy to read and sweet; Adam's book reads in one-sitting and is definitely ideal and amusing enough for a snatched holiday read or a commute.

by Sophie G (NetGalley)

Brooke Adams

Brooke Adams obtained a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages and Literatures from the University of Westminster, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Postmodernity, Representation and Culture. After her studies, Brooke spent some time travelling, then worked as an antiquarian bookseller before returning to London and training as a kindergarten teacher.

On discovering that her passion lay with writing, she worked on a part-time basis as a school librarian and foreign languages tutor so that she could dedicate her time to writing.

More recently, Brooke obtained an MA in Creative Writing and now divides her time between writing romance novellas, a weekly newspaper column and podcast. Brooke lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and daughter. Her hobbies include Yoga and Pilates, Botanical Illustration and Astrology.

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