Troubador The Rise Of The Antichrist

Released: 28/04/2019

ISBN: 9781789016918

Format: Paperback

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The Rise Of The Antichrist

The End Of Days Series: Book One


The Rise of The Antichrist carefully investigates the measurable effects of politics, religion, science and technology on the human psyche. All mainstream religions traditionally share similar perspectives regarding the Antichrist and his developing systems, which have been foretold by all prophets or messengers dutifully sent to every nation over time. This book carefully explores the much-debated topic of the Antichrist, regarding his future emergence. Will he lead humanity to eternal darkness, or enlightenment?

Although modern science and human history popularly refer to the last 5,000–15,000 years of development, in reality, there are signs and evidence that human development is considerably older, with possibilities of supernatural or otherworldly intervention. This book explores stories such as the Nimrod who meticulously researched into longevity and occult magic, with a possibility of alien or supernatural influence which was captured on stone glyphs.

Throughout history, there have been developed, mighty empires whose chosen kings proclaimed to be Gods... But were they actually inter-dimensional beings?

This book will ideally suit readers with an active interest in religion, historical events and those interested in a thought-provoking read.

The Rise of The Antichrist Out Now!

Interesting and very informative

by BB

Interesting and informative book.

by Tia

Very enlightening, and true!

by Salim Hasan

A good read and an eye opener!

by Chanelle Douglas

its been a thought provoking read, interesting combination of religious and scientific comparisons. i would definately recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing about the antichrist.

by Lucy Richardson

Kamran Faqir

Kamran Faqir is a new author who is debuting with his End of Days Series, His debut book titled: The Rise of The Antichrist is being launched on 28th April 2019.He has commenced working on his second book, with supplementary titles to follow.

Born in Birmingham, England, UK. A graduate in software engineering. Kamran lives with his family in Birmingham where (when he is not travelling the world researching future topics and supporting new ventures). Kamran is a part-time hobbyist writer, interested in pursuing his passion for writing to full-time.Previously, he has worked in various professions leading from IT, Development, Project Management, and Consultancy to Healthcare. His experiences and support has led to many humanitarian projects locally and universally supported international projects, aiding schools, hospitals, orphanages and the physically challenged in the third world countries, since 2011

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