Troubador The Reason Why I’m Living This Life

Released: 28/08/2019

ISBN: 9781789018905

Format: Paperback

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The Reason Why I’m Living This Life


There is a common misconception regarding those who attend church and have decided to dedicate their lives to God.

Irrespective of our race, gender or nationality, we can be saved; we all have a choice. One of the most powerful things God has given to humankind is free will. He will not force you to serve Him; He takes no pleasure in that and neither would you. We all knew something was missing, we just did not know that it was God.

It is mind-blowing when people look at us believing that we were always this way, and you think, If they ever knew! Well, this book is written for you to know. Some have been homeless, lost children, lost parents, drug abusers, drunkards, gang members, heavy smokers, self-harmers, gamblers – you name it, God saved them from it. We all have to begin somewhere, and this is how and where many stories began.

Wow! It's an insightful book. It's interesting to know the undiluted truth of the past experiences shared.

The chapters are broken up in a clever way.

I hope this is the first of many books to come.

by Gina

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