Troubador The Red Rose

Released: 28/01/2022

ISBN: 9781803130569

Format: Paperback

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The Red Rose


A collection of short stories of dreams, hope, the odd touch of true love and a hint of magic!

Eugene, who returned from National Service, was smitten with young Beryl. So much so, he brought her a red rose every Saturday when he picked her up to go out......but was it enough to keep her attention?

Lucy had reached a time in her life where a mundane job, bringing up her two daughters and being Mark’s wife was not quite enough. A conversation with an elderly gentleman whilst she waited for her children, convinced her to pursue a dream of becoming a health professional. 

Can the beauty and magic of Scotland play a part in the healing process? Diagnosed with depression, Janie, on sick leave from her hospice workplace, had no interest in anything let alone holidays. Husband Julian, wracked his brains to help his desolate wife, but was Scotland the answer?

Over to Ireland, where Sally began a new chapter in her life. Moving into a village situated within the beautiful area of County Wicklow, Southern Ireland, to be near her daughter.  But what was going on during the night? Where were the baby's cries coming from? Had Sally made the right decision to leave England?

The coffee shop that became part of a community hub. The last thing on Christie’s mind when she started her business venture, was it becoming a social care therapy centre!

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