Troubador The Red Hare Restaurant

Released: 08/12/2017

eISBN: 9781788033879

Format: eBook

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The Red Hare Restaurant

A Tasting Menu of Short Stories


Have you ever imagined dining with the Devil, finding Paradise in your town or even turning into a hat?  

Bourdon takes the reader to a world of dreams, hidden desires, vulnerability and discomfort in these grotesque and, at times, absurd stories. Their sinister atmosphere provides theatrical settings where reality and imagination meet and merge taking or pushing ordinary characters into extraordinary, unbelievable and sometimes fatal situations involving supernatural creatures and surreal events.

A quite remarkable collection of short stories by an author who was new to me, Honoré E. Bourdon.
The reader is not short changed either as here are 11 wonderful tales where the storyteller does all the hard work. You just relax and enjoy the ease of reading these fantastical and magical stories of a world just beyond are normal vision.

I think it would be unbelievable if I said that all were of equal worth and brilliance but I can not fault 10 of them. My guess is that each reader will find similar ratio of pleasing stories and hard to pick a favourite.

It is remarkable that within this context no story appears to duplicate those that preceded it in terms of setting or characters. However, the final account shows how easily deceived was I and that perhaps we don’t always see the seeds of truth or in any case learn from them when we are simply being entertained.

I can not commend these dark tales of wonder and imagination any higher and I hope you find them equally engaging. Some sober topics to focus on but mostly told in life asserting ways. You may view death differently but hopefully embrace life with more purpose and direction having finished this book.

by Richard Latham

Deceptively simple writing delivers magical short stories that almost read like translated fairy tales. The style is nostalgic for me and I wonder how many younger readers it will impact the same way. No real lessons here, just pleasant storytelling and a quick read.

by Pablo Rodriguez

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