Troubador The Parkinality Poetry Book

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590895

Format: Paperback

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The Parkinality Poetry Book

‘Did you ask if you could write a poem about my Aunt?’ and other poems


Read about Ralph and his clipboard, Nora with her knitted animals and Tamara and her botox. Some poems are silly, some funny, some sad, some confusing. They will all make you stop and think. Some might educate you and I hope all will entertain.  
They simply tell a story and tell a story simply, no technical words or backwards writing to decipher.

I am The Parkinality Poet (aka Janet Bric-a-Brac, aka Julie Walker) and I have written all the poems and performed many to live audiences. All of the ‘people’ are fictional, they reside in that overcrowded place; ‘My Imagination’.  

So, make a bookmark and enjoy returning to your favourite pages. Don't be afraid to fold pages over and doodle, make the book your own. I want you to enjoy this book. I want to see dog-eared, well thumbed copies, hence no e books (yet; never say never) remember you can’t wear out electric books (or eat electronic chocolate cake).

So, put on a cardi, sit down in a comfy chair. Pour yourself a lemon squash, settle down with a bag of ordinary crisps, relax and enjoy.  

I hope whilst you read, you laugh and learn, and when you reach the end of the book have gained some information (by stealth).

Have a think - have you learnt anything new today?

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