Troubador The Parkinality Poetry Book

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590895

eISBN: 9781838595975

Format: Paperback/eBook

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The Parkinality Poetry Book

‘Did you ask if you could write a poem about my Aunt?’ and other poems


Read about Ralph and his clipboard, Nora with her knitted animals and Tamara and her botox. Some poems are silly, some funny, some sad, some confusing. They will all make you stop and think. Some might educate you and I hope all will entertain.  
They simply tell a story and tell a story simply, no technical words or backwards writing to decipher.

I am The Parkinality Poet (aka Janet Bric-a-Brac, aka Julie Walker) and I have written all the poems and performed many to live audiences. All of the ‘people’ are fictional, they reside in that overcrowded place; ‘My Imagination’.  

So, make a bookmark and enjoy returning to your favourite pages. Don't be afraid to fold pages over and doodle, make the book your own. I want you to enjoy this book. I want to see dog-eared, well thumbed copies, hence no e books (yet; never say never) remember you can’t wear out electric books (or eat electronic chocolate cake).

So, put on a cardi, sit down in a comfy chair. Pour yourself a lemon squash, settle down with a bag of ordinary crisps, relax and enjoy.  

I hope whilst you read, you laugh and learn, and when you reach the end of the book have gained some information (by stealth).

Have a think - have you learnt anything new today?

Crickey how exciting is this (the answer is 'exceptionally'). Came home from holiday to find the real actual copies of my book on the door mat. Now the promoting begins.

I love the book, I presumed it would be all about Parkinson’s but it wasn’t. In fact it was a great reflection about a person with Parkinson’s.....Parkinson’s does not steal your identity, it is there it is always there but you are still you.

I loved the bulk of the poems which were about general observations on life, ie. relationships, hopes and regrets and I totally love the poems relating to technology which is the real culprit to stealing people’s identities, humanity ironically. The collection of poems felt like our time sitting in the pub having a chat, Parkinson’s represented by the title of your book is always there in the background behind these chats, almost forgotten until sudden moments the conversation is interrupted by either chat or physicality of Parkinson’s which is represented by the obvious and direct poems about the impact of Parkinson’s on the person and those around them. The fact that the latter poems come out of the blue I find a really effective technique to make these poems hit hard and hit home.

The contrast to technology again I really like, it has really made me think how (and please do not get offended I know it is nothing like Parkinson’s but bear with me) people are debilitating themselves with mobile phones mentally and physically. Ie. Yes you may while we are having a chat have a moment where you struggle physically and our conversation has to hold till you are as comfortable as can be yet I much rather that than my companies phone go off mid way in our conversation and they dismiss themselves to text, call or go on facebook!

by Toni Frostick

The Parkinality Poet

The Parkinality Poet is a multi faceted oxymoron with a GSOH. Her large handbag contains: a blue disabled badge, medication, spare medication, back-up medication, water, disabled bus and train pass, radar key which unlocks ten billion public toilets, an umbrella and two walking sticks. On a Friday night, you may find her chatting, drinking gin, dancing and getting up to other general malarkey. We have it on good authority that she is not a ... pain in the arse. Previous theatre credits include: Seaweed, Tree, Lamb and The Tin Man (non-speaking/singing role).

The Parkinality Poet is Janet Bric-a-Brac aka Julie Walker. I was diagnosed in November 2012, aged forty-four, with early onset Parkinsons Disease (PD). A (currently) incurable, degenerative neurological condition. I try to remain positive and concentrate on what I can do. I cannot cure Parkinsons, but I can raise awareness, in the hope that people will gain an insight and understanding of this unpredictable, debilitative condition, and ultimately that a cure will be found.

Parkinality Performance

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