Troubador Poetic Gratitude

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838591038

Format: Paperback

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Poetic Gratitude

Shift Your Mind Poetically


This book is completely and whole-heartedly directed towards the reader. These poetic messages are fuel for the mind, comfort for the soul and balance for the body. This poetry is a way of sending out some truth with a positive angle and highlighting two sides of the coin. 

The author shines a light on the fact that life is a journey, and even after we have weathered some of our toughest fights, there are still parts of us we can keep working on. There is no end to personal development, and we are certainly allowed to have moments of feeling defeated and tired. Although we strive for positivity even in times of adversity, we are only human, and we needn’t be hard on ourselves. 

This collection is about ‘life etiquette’, about how we treat people, speak and react to them, and the assumptions we make. These poetic messages are aimed to help the reader develop their own life etiquette, enabling them to carry themselves consistently through life, emotionally, morally and spiritually to create a more balanced life.

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