Troubador Poem Collection

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800464902

eISBN: 9781800466371

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Poem Collection

Awakenings in the 21st Century


This anthology started in May 2004 when William Walker McKenzie woke up on his birthday and had a Damascene moment. He said to himself, “Willie, it’s your birthday, get up and write about the concept of time”, realising that he, and the world, had indeed wasted this precious commodity.

A chain reaction began ending with this collection of poems covering various topics over the next 15 years. The poems were not planned as such but were impulsive, based on the world landscape at the time. Some poems are nostalgic, perhaps due to the 74 years that make up the author's age, but overall, he has made comments/observations in areas which he thought needed addressing but this anthology is not exhaustive. If nothing else, the author hopes that potential readers will see some of their own thoughts expressed here.


Selfish youth, one-dimensional, fraught

Befogged future machined-gunned with doubt

But sustenance given, high standards taught

Butterflies, via chrysalis, soon break out

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William McKenzie

Born 1947. Attended secondary school Paisley. Joined Rolls-Royce 1964 and sponsored for university. Gained Honours Degree Chemistry 1971. Moved to MOD Procurement Executive 1976 which was absorbed by BAe 1987. Held several factory manager positions latterly becoming Environmental Advisor. Retired 1998.

Married, with one son, and live near Glasgow

Interests cover poetry, reading, DIY and sport

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